Kingston rebrands HyperX to FURY, focusing more on gaming RAM market

Kingston rebrands HyperX to FURY, focusing more on gaming RAM market


2021-06-02 21:18:22

Thus, after much speculation, Kingston Technology has finally officially introduced a brand new high-performance gaming memory (RAM): Kingston FURY, promising to pave the way for the launch of a series of products. RAM support for gaming is remarkable.

Back in February of this year, HP unexpectedly acquired Kingston’s HyperX gaming hardware business, but only took control of the production lines of gaming peripherals, not gaming peripherals. right array of HyperX high-performance memory products.

In other words, Kingston is still holding the HyperX RAM brand. However, to distinguish it more clearly from HP’s existing HyperX products, the company needed a new brand for its high-performance RAM line, and the chosen name was FURY – no less “gamer” “.

From now on, all of Kingston’s dedicated gaming and user-oriented DRAM, flash and SSD products will carry the Kingston FURY name.

We are extremely proud to launch the new Kingston FURY brand, which represents the highest performance memory modules for PC enthusiasts and gamers.,” said Craig Tilmont, Marketing Manager, Kingston.

At the same time, Kingston is also committed to investing more resources and fully applying its core business expertise to create a new generation of products with higher peak performance, based on 30 years of experience. engineering, testing, manufacturing and customer service.

The DDR module is likely to be the first product line under the FURY brand to hit the market, with three new models expected to be introduced later this year. Specifically, the Kingston Fury Renegade will offer DDR4 modules running at up to 5,333MHz. Kingston Fury Beast will be a series of DDR3 and DDR4 modules running at up to 3,733MHz. And finally, the Kingston Fury Impact will be a high-performance SO-DIMM module for notebooks and small form factor personal computers (NUCs) running at up to 3,200MHz.

In addition, users can also expect a new series of Fury DDR5 modules to appear in the fourth quarter. Along with that are details about the brand new 2.5-inch NVMe M.2 and SSD products that are also planned, but have not been revealed yet.

In addition, in light of Kingston’s commitment to gamers, the company will soon make a global announcement about the e-sports teams joining Kingston FURY.


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