Kollect (KOL) announces Testnet maintenance and latest updates

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2021-12-30 10:23:08

In order to provide a better service and environment for Kollector, the Kollect testnet will be updated and maintained for 8 hours from 11:00 AM – to 07:00 PM on December 28, 2021 (Vietnam time).

Maintenance update

  • The user’s cards and collection book data will be preserved, but need to do a few steps according to the instructions below.
  • The KOL and ETH testnet in the user’s wallet will be reset, but can continue to “tap” more later.
  • KOL testnet contract address will be updated after the end of maintenance.

Testnet Tutorial Update

If you are new to Kollect Testnet, please check out the complete testnet guide here.

After system maintenance, users need to take a few steps to preserve what they earned during the previous testnet journey. If the instructions are not followed, the user will have to start from scratch.

Reset Metamask wallet

Reset Metamask wallet
  • Go to settings. Click on the MetaMask account logo in the top right corner, then click “Settings”.
Find the “Settings” setting.
  • Press “Avanced” and select “Reset Account“.

Insert new KOL testnet address into Metamask

  • Open Kollect Testnet.
  • Open MetaMask. Click on the MetaMask extension in the top right corner.
Open MetaMask Extension
  • Press “Import tokens” at the bottom of the MetaMask extension.
Click “Import tokens”
  • Add new testnet KOL contract address: 0x6D17619E7A70Df209a5f27c392aD7eC07e417b25
Add new KOL testnet contract address
  • Press “Add Custom Token” when done adding the token address.

Restart the Kollect Testnet

  • Login to Kollect Testnet with your Metamask account.
  • Check that the testnet data is correctly associated with the user’s account.
  • If the screen is blank or loading slowly, please exit the browser and open the Kollect Testnet with a new browser.

About Kollect

Kollect is a Game Card platform based on NFT technology. The goal of the project is to exploit the multi-billion dollar digital game card market. Through the gamified mechanism, users can also be incentivized and rewarded by collecting different cards.

Kollect has a Marketplace for native cards where users can trade with each other. These cards can also have different attributes that can affect their price and rarity. Also, note that these digital collections are only available to current Kollect users.

Join the group Kollect Vietnam to find out more information.

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