Kollect (KOL) integrates Power Rangers Series into the ecosystem

Kollect (KOL) integrates Power Rangers Series into the ecosystem


2022-02-04 17:26:39

Kollect’s ultimate goal is to be the ultimate hub for NFT collections and Play-to-Earn titles using licensed trademarks and IPs. To realize its goals, Kollect is pleased to partner with the Super Sentai Series, also known as the Power Rangers Series.

Origin of Super Sentai Series

Super Sentai Series (roughly translated as Super Team) is the name of a Series of the Japanese superhero “Tokusatsu” genre produced by Toei Corporation and Bandai. The film is played by a real cast with colorful special effects and is very popular with children.

In each Super Sentai Series, the main characters are a group of people who transform into superheroes with special superpowers using wearable devices. They wear unique uniforms, use signature weapons and combat abilities to fend off a group of otherworldly supervillains who threaten to take over Earth. In it, there is a typical episode that involves the heroes disrupting the enemy’s plans, defeating an army of enemy troops and the Monster of the Week.

The story behind Power Rangers

The idea of ​​Power Rangers and the Western-market adaptation of Super Sentai both began in the late 1970s when Toei Company and Marvel Comics decided to enter into a strategic partnership in which they would adapt the concepts. to suit their audience. This eventually led to the birth of the Japanese Spider-Man Series along with three other Super Sentai Series that enjoyed great success in Japan. Although the US market doesn’t seem to be very interested, this is the beginning of the ideal period for Power Rangers.

Fast-forwarding to the 80s when Haim Saban was on a business trip to Japan, the Super Sentai Series immediately captivated him. The concept of colorful superheroes in monster fighting masks gave him the idea to adapt and bring to the Western market. Despite numerous backlashes from networks and production groups, his longtime colleague and Fox Kids president, Margaret Loesche, helped bring the idea to life.

Super Sentai Series Adaptation

The production of Power Rangers episodes in the West involved localization issues, so they had to change quite a bit from the original Japanese Super Sentai. Instead of choosing to dub like the Japanese version, Power Rangers decided to replace the Japanese actors with their own English-speaking actors to incorporate more Western culture and to satisfy the expectations of the Japanese audience. more domestic audience.

Saban made the decision to begin his journey by adapting the 16th Series of Sentai titled Zyuranger, known today as the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, along with most of the other installments in the film, took the Sentai setting as a base and replaced only footage of Japanese actors with English-speaking ones.

Despite the initial backlash for the violence embedded in a children’s show, Power Rangers and the Super Sentai Series have enjoyed massive success as they transcend borders and become franchise franchises. internationally recognized commercial rights. As of 2021, the Power Rangers Series has gone through 28 television seasons with 21 different themed series and three successful theatrical films.


The integration of the Power Rangers Series into the Kollect ecosystem will be groundbreaking, making it possible for the community to buy, sell, trade and battle NFTs from some of their favorite fantasy universes!

Just like how Mighty Morphin Power Rangers launched the Super Sentai Series globally and created a new wave for the brand, Kollect will do the same for the NFT industry by bringing real utility through its exclusive Collection Book system. unique and exciting P2E game models.

About Kollect

Kollect is a Game Card platform based on NFT technology. The goal of the project is to exploit the multi-billion dollar digital game card market. Through the gamified mechanism, users can also be incentivized and rewarded by collecting different cards.

Kollect has a Marketplace for native cards where users can trade with each other. These cards can also have different attributes that can affect their price and rarity. Also, note that these digital collections are only available to current Kollect users.

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