Komaki Venice Eco launched in India with the conversion price of 23 million

Komaki Venice Eco launched in India with the conversion price of 23 million

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2022-10-09 19:46:54

(CHK) The new model has an extremely low price, which is expected to replace scooter models such as Honda Vision, Yamaha Janus to become a daily means of transportation in crowded urban areas.

Komaki electric scooter company has just launched a new high-speed Venice Eco two-wheeler electric vehicle in India with a very competitive price of Rs 79,000 (approximately VND 23 million). This attractive price makes Venice Eco an affordable product for many customers and a perfect replacement for internal combustion engine models such as Honda Vision or Yamaha Janus.

Komaki Venice Eco will be the perfect replacement for models with internal combustion engines such as Honda Vision or Yamaha Janus

According to Komaki, its high-speed electric motorcycle will have seven different color options including white and blue. In addition, the TFT screen on Honda Vision’s electric rival is said to provide a better navigation experience for the driver, and also comes with an integrated music player. The Komaki Venice Eco draws its power from Lithium Ferro Phosphate (LiPO4) batteries and has a real-time lithium battery analyzer.

Gunjan Malhotra, Director of Komaki Electric said: “Komaki has emerged as one of the leaders in green and clean mobility by building customer reputation and trust through vehicle production. high quality, high performance, safe design, sturdy, low maintenance and long life”.

Komaki Venice Eco is designed with a third-generation TFT display for better navigation and stress-free driving. Honda Vision’s electric competitor is equipped with a flame-retardant Lithium Ferro Phosphate (LiPO4) battery and a real-time lithium battery analyzer.

The safety of the Komaki Venice Eco is also ensured thanks to the flame retardant LFP technology that comes with a BMS (battery management system), multiple thermal sensors, advanced application-based connectivity with more than 2000 cycles. In addition to the advanced features, the Honda Vision replacement is also sleek and trendy with color options of jade red, sacramento green, jet black, metallic blue, bright orange and silver chrome, give the car a stylish look.

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