Konomi Network (KONO) price, marketcap, chart, and fundamentals info All about KONO virtual currency

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2021-03-22 23:36:59

Konomi Network (KONO) price, marketcap, chart, and fundamentals info

Konomi is a complete asset management solution for cross-chain crypto assets. Using Substrate as a development framework, this network aims to support more assets in the ecosystem Polkadot.

Users can manage their crypto holdings, trade assets and earn profits through decentralized money market products. Konomi also issues its native token to initiate decentralized governance and liquidity.

Current Konomi products include:

  • Konomi Trade
  • Konomi Lend
  • Konomi Wallet

What problem does Konomi solve?

The problem Konomi solves is related to the cross-chain

Most of the DeFi applications are currently built on top of Ethereum. However, building on the Ethereum platform is relatively more expensive and the transaction speed is slower. This makes it much more difficult to scale. Hence, Ethereum is not a great solution to being a base layer protocol.

Watch now: what is Ethereum? The most detailed explanation of the virtual currency ETH

What is the solution to Konomi’s problems?

To address cross-chain capabilities, the Konomi team created their own network built on Polkadot to build the Liquidity protocol for the future. The team strongly believes that in the future, the asset will be released on many different chains, and the transfer of cross-chain value will be able to take place efficiently.

Built on top of the Polkadot network, Konomi will first be deployed as a standalone blockchain using the Substrate framework. At the outset, the platform will support trading, deposit, and lending functions.

With the development of Polkadot parachains and the launch of interchain communication protocols, Konomi will be able to support more financial products serving the Polkadot ecosystem.

What is KONO token?

KONO is the native token of the platform. The use of tokens would be to incentivize users and liquidity providers (LP) to participate in the protocol.

Basic information of KONO coin

Ticker KONO
Blockchain updating
Token Standard Governance
Token type updating
Total Supply 100,000,000 KONO
Circulation supply updating

Token allocation

allocation kono

Token issuance schedule

Currently only marketing release information: linear vesting within 24 months

KONO Token Sale

Updating …

  • Seedsale:
  • Private 2: $ 0.32
  • Public Sale: $ 1.0

What is KONO coin used for?

  • Governance: Users holding Konomi (KONO) will be able to participate in major governance protocols.
  • User incentives: Users can participate in programs to earn tokens and will be encouraged to do so with various programs
  • Asset security: Users can participate in staking to earn additional system rewards

What is kono konomi copper used for

KONO copper exchange

Up to now (February 27, 2021), KONO has not been listed on any exchanges.

Update: March 17, 2021, she is being traded on the exchange Uniswap and MXC.

KONO Token storage wallet

Since Konomi has not issued tokens yet, KONO’s token standards are unknown. Will update in this article offline.

Potential assessment of Konomi copper (KONO)


  • Ariel Ho (Founder): 7 years of entrepreneurial experience in the tech startup field. Before Konomi Network, she founded High Mall IndoorNavigation, an in-house navigation solutions provider catering to Singapore’s largest supermarket chain NTUC Fairprice. .

In addition, other members you can refer to through illustrations


Investor & Partner

investor partner konomi


As mentioned, there are 3 products available: Konomi Trade, Konomi Lend, Konomi Wallet. Each product is introduced quite fully and in detail:

  • Konomi Trade: Allows users to access liquidity for assets in the Polkadot ecosystem. It will support smart contract-based liquidity protocols and will start with the ongoing product automation market makers.
  • Konomi Lend: A decentralized money market protocol for lending and borrowing assets. The product is currently based on a collateralized debt position model. A major milestone for crypto assets is compounding interest.
  • Konomi Wallet: Konomi Wallet will help aggregate user locations in decentralized wallets and also help manage locations that are active in different protocols.


The use of tokens would be to encourage users and LPs to participate in the protocol. It will resemble the underlying token of centralized exchanges and also implement a buy and burn mechanism as it generates transaction fees.

To initiate liquidity, token rewards will also be given to participants who contribute to the trading volume on the platform. Konomi token will also play the role of governance token for the ecosystem. So in the future, the team plans to make Konomi a truly decentralized organization in terms of product development, revenue model and token distribution.


Quarter 4, 2020

  • Launch testnet
  • Supports decentralized liquidity swap and decentralized money market

Quarter 1, 2021

  • Join the Polkadot parachain auction
  • Connect with Polkadot wallet to offer DeFi products in the wallet
  • Launch dashboard to manage assets

Quarter 2, 2021

  • Develop mobile wallet version for the product
  • Support virtual machines to deploy smart contracts

Quarter 3, 2021

  • Launch Konomi mainnet with Polkadot parachain
  • Connect with other parachain contents using XCMP
  • Integration of fiat payment gateways


Should you invest in KONO coin?

Currently products, tokenomics are quite diverse along with a full roadmap to the end of 2021 is also a point worth considering for you to consider investing.

Con about the point of purchase, since it is not released yet, so there is no price data to be able to predict. Hope the reviews above are useful to you, consider with your money.

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