Korean government asks Google and Apple to block Play to Earn game on app

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2021-12-29 22:21:09

The Korean government is working to prevent the release of Play to Earn (P2E) games and requires the removal of existing games from Google Play and the App Store.

Korean government asks Google and Apple to block Play to Earn game on app

Play to Earn (P2E) has become popular in the crypto industry this year. Players usually have to purchase game pieces in the form of NFTs before participating in the game and receiving rewards. However, the Korean government is not satisfied with this trend.

On December 28, the Game Management Commission (GMC) under the Korean Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism asked major mobile apps to block any games that require in-game purchases first. while playing.

With the above move, GMC made it impossible for all P2E game developers to get their work listed on the most popular mobile app stores like Google Play and App Store.

Under pressure from the government, many game developers in South Korea have been facing court battles since April to keep their P2E games sold in the country’s app stores. The main problem is that some games do not have the age rating required to complete the listing.

Classification levels the content of apps and games helps us to understand how appropriate the app is for the age of the user. The application developer and the International Age Classification Alliance (IARC) are responsible for the classification. In Korea, the ratings have been approved by the Game Rating Commission (GRAC).

Therefore, P2E does not completely meet the above-mentioned regulations. An official from GMC stated that the committee was only following Supreme Court precedent in blocking P2E games with the statement:

β€œIt makes sense to keep P2E games out of age ratings under applicable law as cash rewards in games can be considered prizes.”

Overall, GMC’s stance has negative connotations for all P2E gaming, including the suite of apps involving the two most popular games by far according to DappRadar, Axie Infinity (AXS) and Splinterlands. Despite its harsh attitude towards P2E, South Korea is extremely open to the NFT sector, which will not be part of the country’s crypto regulatory framework.

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