KSM Starter successfully closed a strategic funding round, with the participation of Kyros Ventures

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2021-07-12 22:29:39

KSM Starter successfully closed a strategic funding round, with the participation of Kyros Ventures

KSM Starter has gone beyond its fundraising goal by securing backing from the industry’s oldest and most reputable venture capital funds. In this list, there are nearly 30 names in total, the most prominent ones include Grizzly Capital, ExNetwork Capital, Skyvision Capital, Momentum 6, BlockDesk Ventures and Kyros Ventures.

With this funding, KSM Starter is ready to take on the position of the main launchpad of Canary Network, driving ecosystem development and collaboration. For the community, this means that the team now has the financial resources it needs to pursue optimal platform development, rewards-driven community building, and a marketing boom.

When asked about the investment of the funds, strategic investors of KSM Starter shared why they support the team’s vision.

Grizzly Capital: “Due to the experimental, forward-thinking nature of Kusama, their main launchpad will reflect the same values.”

ExNetwork: “KSM Starter has a great team – to put it simply. Their diverse experience in project management and extensive knowledge of the crypto space inspire confidence in Kusama’s ability to be the leading launchpad for oriented projects. “

Kyros Ventures: “Projects that invest in innovation are well worth the investment. KSM Starter empowers next-generation Substrate projects to get started on the market and get connected with a strong network of communities and like-minded professionals.”

Skyvision Capital: “The KSM Starter team has partnered with SkyVision Capital as a strategic partner. KSM Starter is a decentralized and community-driven launchpad of the Kusama network. The project will have strong usability, strategically leveraging Kusama’s features, interoperability, and scalability. We’re extremely excited about the team’s vision and road map ahead as they build community. One of the special features of KSM Starter is that it encourages real-world collaboration. For the entire Kusama ecosystem to grow, this feature is absolutely vital and represents the true strategic vision of the team, and we are delighted to support them.”

Momentum 6: “It’s refreshing to see a launcher that includes the values ​​it wants to represent. As a community-driven DAO, rewards and responsibilities will be decentralized and shared by token holders. We’re really excited to see KSM Starter launch and look forward to continued support. “

BlockDesk Ventures: “BlockDesk Ventures is focusing on helping projects that are important to the growth of the blockchain industry and KSM Starter is doing just that! Kusama will pave the way for true interoperability, and projects launched on KSM Starter will be crucial to providing a more connected blockchain ecosystem. With each launch, the value of KSM Starter and the value of incubated projects will continue to increase.”

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