Kyros Ventures: Summary of Infographics of the past week (January 17 – January 23)

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2022-01-23 21:07:48

The crypto community “eats Tet” early with the red color of the whole market. The price of BTC dropped deeply, taking away the happy Tet of many investors. Is the downtrend really coming?

1. Price movements in the past week (January 17 – January 23)

Price movements of the top 20 coins

2. GameFi products and services to look forward to in 2022

2021 is the year to shape the GameFi trend with Axie Infinity leading the way. P2E has brought a new flourish to the cryptocurrency market.

With such a premise, 2022 is predicted to be a boom year for GameFi with potential upcoming projects.

GameFi products and services to look forward to in 2022

3. Chromia Ecosystem

Chromia (CHR) is on the rise to become the leading decentralized data storage center for the system of dApps today. The platform enables dApps to enhance the user experience as well as helps dApps scale to millions of people. The development team has successfully built a powerful Chromia blockchain platform that can support up to 50 million transactions per day. With write speeds of up to 100k I/O per second, Chromia is the promised land for blockchain games.

With its outstanding potential and advantages, more and more projects decide to build on the Chromia platform.

Chromia Ecosystem

4. Overview of NFT Launchpad Platforms

Bringing NFT closer to investors, NFT Launchpad has been holding an important position in the success of most NFT projects as well as GameFi in the early days of market launch.

Let’s take a look at an overview of NFT Launchpad projects on current ecosystems with Kyros.

Which Launchpad will be the launch pad for a series of potential NFT projects in 2022?

Overview of NFT Launchpad platforms

5. Cryptocurrency Market Report Q4/2021

Q4 is undoubtedly the most volatile period of the crypto market in 2021. The event that BTC hit ATH in early November and then suddenly dropped below $50,000 in early December, changes in price The remarkable technology side of the market giants as well as emerging trends are gradually shaping the way investors allocate their assets in the emerging financial market and are attracting a lot of attention. this idea.

Through the Q4/2021 Cryptocurrency Market Report, the Kyros Ventures Research Team hopes to give you an overview of the notable highlights of the past 3 months to make your own top picks. investment and the best projections for the upcoming 2022!

Comparison of the total returns of the top blockchains in Q4/2021
Ethereum projects according to TVL in Q4/2021

6. Next week’s event

Token sale openings next week (January 24 – October 30)
Events next week (January 24 – October 30)

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