Landscape in Avalanche (AVAX) No.2

Landscape in Avalanche (AVAX) No.2


2021-04-01 23:16:59

Following last week’s Avalanche events, coming this 12th week I’m going to continue sharing some of the new and most prominent insights into this thriving Avalanche ecosystem. Please read the following article together.

Avalanche (AVAX) shook hands with Nash to provide fiat for Ava Labs users

So that you can understand more about Nash, I will define it briefly.

Nash is known as a Fintech company, operating on a Layer-2 platform and using the Blockchain platform as the infrastructure for the digital financial space.

In short, Nash is a financial company specializing in fiat provision, support for Bitcoin transactions, cross-chain Ethereum and NEO.

Advantages of Nash

  • Nash provides crypto and electronic gateway services that support Bitcoin and Ethereum Cross-chain markets at reasonable prices for individual customers and large enterprises, buying and selling in just minutes.
  • Transactions are usually instant, no limits, and are available 24/7, with no fees.
  • Help regulators fight inflation, lead the way in security compliance, and limit anti-corruption in the Blockchain network.

Brothers can easily invest, transact and pay with cryptocurrencies in a P2P (Peer-to-Peer) way without being dependent on intermediaries and unregulated.

Nash is integrated on the Avalanche wallet

Avalanche Mainnet operates with the Arrow Decentralised Financial Market (DFMs) platform. At the end of Q2, the Avalanche ecosystem has joined hands with many new decentralized aggregate (DAC) partners such as SushiSwap, TrustSwap, … to increase the liquidity of user assets.

Nash is the next Avalanche Mainnet partner in the event. Specifically, Nash’s fiat ports will be integrated directly into the Avalanche wallet, offering fiat to the brothers for the same almost zero fee.

Therefore, you can trade fiat directly on the Avalanche wallet without going through any intermediaries. I believe this is a valuable information for you to care about, for me like many other brothers, the transaction fee is a more or less concern. the more optimal solution for you.

In addition, when brothers using transactions on Nash can access the DeFi ecosystem in Avalanche quickly, you can buy and sell AVAX instantly for a low fee of only 1%.

Currently you can trade in European currencies accepted on Nash such as USD, EUR, …

Brothers refer to Nash more here.

Avalanche Mainnet upgrade Apricot Phase One new version and 50% discount on all transactions

We reviewed some typical Avalanche highlights like the November 2020 launch of the Mainnet that helped the AVAX price soar from $ 3.5 (near the end of November 2020) to a peak of $ 60.2 ( on February 10, 2021).

Following this, the Phase One upgrade was also the next big Avalanche event. This new upgrade will support 50% discount on your transaction fees. A pretty valuable information for me, I believe it is quite worthwhile for the brothers here.

The upgrade stages

You can follow the Phase One upgrade process based on the time published below:

  • State 1: Apricot Phase One will be active on Fuji Testnet at 10:00 am (EST) on Friday, March 26, 2021 or 21:00 in Vietnam.
  • Phase 2: Upgrade on Avalanche Mainnet at 10:00 a.m. (EST) March 31, 2021.

Highlights of the new mechanism Apricot Phase One

In addition to helping the Avalanche ecosystem improve, they also allow you to save 50% of transaction fees while participating on C-chain Ava Labs (Gas Fee is reduced from 470 nAVAX to 225 nAVAX).

With just one button of Avalanche you can get started quickly and transact in no time. Eliminate fee refunds and minimal transaction fees (Gas Fee) on the Ethereum platform thanks to EIP-3298.

For example, the transactions of brothers on Ethereum will usually have a quite high Gas Fee, the implementation of EIP is understood as the base fee (it will adjust the transaction fee according to the market, limiting manipulation behavior. Gas Fee, which reduces network congestion and, importantly, lower transaction fees).

Improving and promoting from the IDO model, Ava Labs launches the Avalaunch fundraising platform

As in previous posts, the Coin98 team shared about the thriving Avalanche ecosystem with typical platform applications such as Private Securities, Initial Litigation Offerings DEX’s, …

Now the Ava Labs dev team has launched the Avalaunch solution, a DeFi protocol that specializes in providing projects on new tokens and allowing brothers to bid conveniently and easily from fundraising groups.


Avalaunch is built from the pros and cons of the IDO model and difficulties including expensive gas fees, price adjustments from the Market Maker team, IDO also limits brother access to the Ethereum network – a barrier the largest in the DeFi innovation revolution.

Avalaunch solution brings you the reduction of price fluctuations, safety and cost optimization at the lowest level and the amount of transactions to move assets between blockchains is still happening quickly.

Currently, there are many popular fundraising support platforms such as Poolz, Polkastarter, Duckstarter, …

Now, Avalaunch is born to help you safely, quickly and transparently participate in fundraising from new projects. When you join the Avalanche ecosystem you may also learn about other promising and innovative projects from Avalaunch in the future.

After Sushi it was Avalanche’s turn to unlock 72 million tokens. How does AVAX price fluctuate?

If you want to learn more about the changes that can happen when Sushi unlocked token, you can refer to the article: Sushi is about to unlock 47 M token. What is going to happen?

Where do these 72 million AVAX tokens come from?

This is the number raised by the Avalanche team from a token sale from July 2020. The more investors hold onto the AVAX tokens, the faster their value increases.

Avalanche announces its first token unlock schedule

After the Public Sale AVAX event took place on July 15, 2020, the Ava Labs development team recently announced the unlocking of the AVAX token as follows. Participants can also follow the specific schedule as follows

Option A1

Option A2

Denali Incentivized Testnet

In this case, there is no comment yet for AVAX, but we can expect a positive future for AVAX, a project with quite impressive development backgrounds.

AVAX’s Case Unlock will have any highlights like Solana’s legendary Unlock?

In my opinion, AVAX is still a promising name in the current DeFi protocol, you can anticipate and contribute your opinion below the article.

See more: 5 Reasons Avalanche (AVAX) is becoming a new kind of store of value


Through the article, how do you see the new information of this Avalanche?

As of this week, the Avalanche ecosystem has pretty much integrated from AMM DEX platforms to new blockchain upgrades, collaborating with other financial software around the world, the aim is to expand the blockchain. transaction volume on AVAX.

Avalanche ecosystem is one of the fast growing ecosystems with continual improvement. This is also one of the strategies that Avalanche is aiming for. Coin98 team will update the latest information about this ecosystem in the following articles, invite you to join us to read.

Have a nice weekend!

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