Landscape in Avalanche No.3 – W13 / 2021

Landscape in Avalanche No.3 – W13 / 2021


2021-04-08 04:10:47

Hi guys. How was your last week?

Following the series of Landscape in Avalanche ecosystem series, today I will share with you the latest information about AVAX. These are the information I have gathered from many different sources, you can refer to the sources you put below the article.

The Avalanche ecosystem is expanding rapidly

As you can see, the Avalanche ecosystem is evolving and expanding rapidly, with some DEXs deployed with the many DApps that have been released in the past weeks and months.

According to the information I have listed through the Twitter community forum pages, next time Avalanche apart from developing DApps supporting chain protocol networks, in the future there will be many fundraising platforms, auctions and tokens. new to be announced on the Avalanche platform. Let’s look forward to it at

Prosper launches first non-Custodial risk & prediction platform on Avalanche

Surely, the brothers already know through Prosper, a cross-chain market, consisting of pools, which are the only prediction markets.

In addition, Prosper eliminates the risk of hacker attacks and ensures the transparency of the transaction processes. You can read through the detailed article about Prosper here.

Currently, you can visit the Prosper app and participate in predictive mining schemes to search for a reward out of the 22,680 PROS for you in total (this exploit is especially for Avalanche users, for brothers who are participating in this ecosystem).

Avalanche launches a bug bounty & rewards program on HackenProof

Recently, Avalanche launched a bug detection program to receive bonuses on HackenProof for participants.

I will talk briefly about Bug Bounty – a security program published by organizations and businesses to attract the community to detect and report security vulnerabilities (Bug) in our technology projects. them, and a Bounty reward will be given to the person who found the error.

Besides, HackenProof platform specializes in supporting the process of testing, detecting and solving errors.

When you join HackenProof community to find bugs in the system, HackenProof will give rewards to you. Doing this not only helps on-the-fly projects to reduce risk, constantly evolve the Avalanche ecosystem, but also gives participants the rewards of bug bounties.

I find that the security checks and handling from community contributions also help the Avalanche ecosystem find more bugs and be able to fix them instantly, saving an extra fee and It is most important to take the Avalanche ecosystem to a new level. Thereby, when you join Avalanche, it will bring more opportunities, limit the potential risks.

BENQI launches exclusive liquidity support for users on Avalanche

This latest Avalanche news will be very helpful to you, especially those who are participating in the Avalanche platform.

BENQI will be integrated into Avalanche to provide one of the liquidity protocols on the platform. Brothers can activate their “idle” assets by making loans or mortgage loans easily.

According to statistics, the transaction on decentralized networks is experiencing a remarkable growth in the past year. TVL (Total Value Locked) on the Ethereum network has increased 60 times, pooling to 41 billion dollars. Liquidity protocols are a core principle in the DeFi protocol, they hold a sizable TVL for the Ethereum ecosystem.

Thus, for those who are new to the market with small capital and need liquidity, it will be a big barrier to participate.

On the Avalanche platform, BENQI will provide the best experience for DeFi users with new financial principles, allowing you to conveniently lend or borrow at the same level of mortgage to limit the risk of default, giving you psychological more comfortable when trading.


Linking with many supporting platforms such as Uniswap, Sushiswap, Apricot, BENQI, … is a factor that elevates Avalanche’s value and Ava Labs platform in the long term.

It promises Avalanche Ecosystem will be a formidable competitor with the current prominent names such as Solana, Polkadot, Ethereum, … I will continue to statistics the latest Avalanche information to you in the next article. according to the.

Wish you guys a very lucky working week.

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