Landscape in Cosmos No.2 – W12

Landscape in Cosmos No.2 – W12


2021-03-29 10:21:13

Landscape in Cosmos is a Series that keeps the brothers up to date with all that has happened in the Cosmos ecosystem over the past week.

If you want to update more projects in the Cosmos ecosystem, please comment below so I can update next time. Brothers refer to have more investment perspectives.


Launch of IBC

IBC, one of Cosmos’s core products, helping the Cosmos ecosystems together, was officially launched. The product demonstration and announcement will be held on March 29, 2021.


Persistence ($ XPRT) Tokenomics

Persistence, a DeFi ecosystem on Cosmos coming to mainnet, has launched Tokenomics.

e-Money – Ethereum Bridge

e-Money, a transparent, interest-backed and backed by well-known Stablecoins in the market, has launched a bridge to the Ethereum platform. This opens the way for more collaborations with e-Money and projects on Ethereum.

Band Protocol cooperates with 2 projects

In Week, Band Protocol has cooperated with 2 Linear Finance projects – A protocol allowing the issuance, management and trading of synthetic assets, and Finage – a data provider of Cryptocurrencies, stocks, …

Idena harfork

Some key points in Idena’s Light Hardfork version, mostly related to Vietnamese Vote and Governance.

More than 10 NFT projects moved to Polygon in the past week

The NFT economy on Polygon is thriving, last week there were 5 NFT projects on Polygon, and this week there were more than 10 NFT projects.

You can see more details about what NFT is and what NFT projects are popular today here.


Sentinel rebrand token

After the mainnet, the token of Sentinel will change from $ SENT to $ DVPN.


Bluzelle x Ankr

Bulezelle – A decentralized data network for Dapps, has announced a partnership with Ankr.

Ankr will become a Bluzelle validator.

IRIS mainnet

Iris Network – A cross-chain service hub for next-generation DApps, announced it will be Mainnet on Jan. 31. The mainnet will help the IRIS platform better support Dapps like Coinswap.


Currently, the Cosmos ecosystem is growing very strongly, many blockchain platforms after years of construction have started Mainnet. The IBC Bridge, one of the three important Cosmos products has also been completed, let’s wait and see what the pieces on Cosmos, once very separate, now cooperate with each other.

Above is some information from the Cosmos Ecosystem over the past week. See you in the next Landscape in Cosmos issues.

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