Landscape in EOS No.1 – W12 / 2020

Landscape in EOS No.1 – W12 / 2020


2021-03-29 02:54:51

EOS was one of the very prominent blockchain projects in 2018 and had advantages that were not inferior to Ethereum at the time. However, why do you rarely hear about EOS, what has EOS been doing and where has gone?

If you used to be a fan of EOS, do not miss the article below. I will update you with the latest steps from EOS.

About EOS

Project website:

EOS is a decentralized blockchain designed to create, store, and support decentralized applications (dApps) and implementations of smart contracts on its platform.

Speaking of EOS, maybe some newbie brothers won’t know about it. EOS has dropped to the 28th limit on the Coingecko market cap so far and there is not too much major news.

However, if you were the ones who entered the market in the first year of 2017, which is the year of the crypto market boom, EOS was the star in the top 10 at that time. There was a time when EOS’s capitalization reached the top 5 in the crypto market and was on par with Ethereum.

An overview of the EOS ecosystem

You can see an overview of the EOS ecosystem through the infographic below. In terms of the number of dApps or applications running on the EOS platform, it is a number that is not rare when the EOS platform extends to the most areas such as Education, Media, Social Networks or even Fintech. EOS is also included.

However, most of the information about the partner as well as the application running on the EOS platform seems to be very old. Information about EOS’s ecosystem has not been updated by crypto news sites, the most recent update was in 2018. Therefore, it is difficult to confirm that EOS partners are still really working. action on EOS does not.

However, some information is still updated on Block One’s Blog and Twitter page – EOS’s parent company. I will re-score for you below.

EOS’s milestones from the beginning of 2020 until now

Block one introduces EOS for business

This is a product that brings EOS closer to medium and large businesses. With the EOS Blockchain, organizations will be provided with automated blockchain platforms, 24/7 technical support, and training for client institutional developers.

Launch of EOSfinex – Decentralized exchange backed by Bitfinex and EOS

EOSfinex is a decentralized exchange developed by the combination of the Bitfinex exchange team and the blockchain team from EOS. EOSfinex was created with the goal of providing users with a decentralized exchange with good liquidity, low fees, and high security.

Implementing EOS blockchain for Google Cloud

For me this is probably the biggest and most important information for users to have hope in EOS’s corporate segment. Google Cloud is one of the largest cloud storage companies today.

With the foundation of the EOS blockchain, Google Cloud is able to deploy its products with low latency, high security, and enhanced data transmission stability thanks to EOS technology.

Launch of the $ 631,000 EOS VC Foundation EOS VC will be a $ 631,000 fund to fund developers or individuals close to the EOS network. In my opinion, this is definitely a necessary step of any blockchain platform to attract developers and users.

Although EOS is moving quite late, but I hope with many years of experience in the market, EOS will have a strategic direction that does not need to be built from scratch but still attracts dApps on the platform. It is similar to how Polkadot did.

The challenges that EOS is facing

Although once considered an Ethereum killer with an ICO raised of $ 4 billion in 2017, EOS appears to have fallen asleep on its laurels since mid-2018 until now, EOS has almost failed. develop more.

In terms of price alone, EOS is relatively stable and not dumped like a trash coin, but considering the uptrend period that EOS has passed, EOS is actually going backward than ever.

Once a bright star in the blockchain platform, EOS has been quickly surpassed in the market by extremely young and less than a year old names like Polkadot, Solana, Avalanche or Terra.

This shows that, with many years of experience compared to the competition, EOS has not been able to apply to attract users and developers. Especially up to the present time, Ethereum Killer has been a very “wrong” phrase in the market, in order to develop, EOS must be an “Ethereum supporter”. Just like that, EOS will have the opportunity to attract the number of users and developers that build products on its platform.


The crypto market is inherently harsh not only for investors or speculators, but also for the projects themselves. The crypto market changes very rapidly and responds very strongly to the rejection of ineffective blockchains.

So for EOS to explode again, EOS will need more strategies to reach users and attract better developers like Polkadot or Avalanche did.

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