Landscape in Solana No.2 – W12

Landscape in Solana No.2 – W12


2021-03-29 08:12:16

The Solana ecosystem has been going strong lately, especially from the Serum’s position as BLOCKS KEYS are slowly popping up. Landscape in Solana is a weekly series that helps you to catch up with the trend of cash flow that is gradually pouring into Solana.

This week new potential faces gradually appear in the ecosystem, Solana’s Solana Beach explorer has a new look, Fusion Pools – a product for you to receive 2 yield yields at the same time and many other valuable news. .

Let’s get started!

Solana beach

Ethereum has etherscan, Binance Smart Chain has bscscan, Solana has Solana Beach, all of them are indispensable explorers to track activities on a blockchain.

Solana Beach was relatively simple and lacked many tools and features, but all of these have changed in this latest update.

All information such as blocks, transactions, accounts, .. can be explored in detail and intuitively.

You can experience now

New faces

This week, a series of new projects announced development on Solana.

Step Finance

One problem that you can clearly see when joining Solana is that the ecosystem lacks a “face” to help display the synthesis, analysis and information processing. And Step Finance was born to solve this problem – the project aims to become the face of the Solana blockchain.


Simply put, Solstrater is the version of Polkastater on Solana. The project is the IDO platform that serves as a launch pad for equitable and decentralized fundraising and token distribution.

Serum ecosystem

Buy & Burn

Serum reached more than 1.71 billion USD in transaction volume so far, 941k SRM has been burned from supply. Currently the project is also incentive 29,816 SRM as staking rewards.

Solana x Serum Hackathon

Hackathon on Solana has been very successful with many potential projects, notably 9 winning projects when nearly all provide key blocks that an ecosystem lacks.

These are all names that you should pay special attention to if you want to join the Solana generation. Show more infomation here.

Fusion Pools & Dual yield

This is a new breakthrough product of Raydium, you can simply understand that Fusion Pools are 2 Pools cooperating, when users join the Fusion Pool, they will receive the incentive not only 1 but also from 2 sides (from 2 Pools merge), so there’s the Dual Yield concept.

The first projects that support dual yield include KIN, OXY, MAPS and FIDA.

Details about the products you can refer to here.

Mango Market development

Mango Market has had a lot of positive results since the mainnet-beta release.

The amount of USDT deposited on the floor soared
The number of assets that can be borrowed has also increased sharply

Synthetify capabilities

Synthetify – The version of Synthetix on Solana just shared a bit of a teaser about the outstanding core ingredients including:

  • Decentralized.
  • Staking.
  • Infinite Liquidity (limitless liquidity).
  • Zero slippage (no slippage).
  • Near Zero-fee (charges as given).
  • Token SNY.

Solrise Finance

Solrise Finance – Solana dhedge version has released a testnet, you can join here to understand the product and maybe there will be a surprise for you.

Just released the testnet, but the product has had a lot of great success, more than 1000 funds have been established.

Oxygen x

Oxygen x announced an in-depth collaboration under which Oxygen will act as a financial backend. users will be able to enjoy Oxygen features right from


Video instructions detailing how to create an automatic trade strategy combining Bonfida and Trading View, if you want, you can refer to create your own trading strategies.

Solana & Serum Community

Some pictures from “Solana x Serum DeFi Night”.


Hopefully, through this article, you have an overview of the remarkable events of the Solana ecosystem in the past week. See you again in the next week issue of Landscape in Solana.

Disclaimer: All information in this article is intended to provide you with the latest information in the DeFi market and should not be considered investment advice. Investing Crypto is a very risky investment, you need to learn carefully before investing and should only participate with possible capital loss.

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