Landscape In Sushi No.2 – W11 / 2021

Landscape In Sushi No.2 – W11 / 2021


2021-03-31 00:15:39

Welcome to the Landscape In Sushi columnist! A place to synthesize & analyze the most prominent information of the Sushi project last week.

This week is already the second issue of the column, we have a look at some key news. Sushi officially launched lending / margin trading product called Kashi, 47M Sushi tokens will be unlocked at the end of March, Sushi’s famous Onsen program has re-operated, Sushi through Immunefi offered a bonus of up to $ 1M. to find system errors.

Invite you to explore and analyze how these events impact the future of the Sushi project.

Sushi launches Kashi products to support lending / margin trading

This is probably the biggest event last week, I also wrote a detailed article to send you about this official announcement. You can review here: Margin and Lending transactions with Kashi Sushi Swap

Kashi is a development arm of the Bentobox project. Sushi intends to build a unique vault containing all the tokens that can provide liquidity for the Dapps wishing to use. Kashi uses vault to help you with margin trading with the same experience as current centralized apps (like Binance).

In my opinion, this move of Sushi is very trendy when the demand for derivatives increases, brothers want to experience trading margin, see profit and loss visually like how brothers bet on future with Binance.

Trading volume of the two big DEX giants Uni and Sushi are at $ 1B and $ 500k respectively. If compared to the daily trading volume of the CEX exchange is $ 72B for spots and $ 135B for derivatives, the chances of DEX are huge. I believe that with Kashi, Sushi will elevate the brothers’ trading experience to a new level.

47M Sushi tokens will be unlocked at the end of March

Towards the end of this March, Sushi is about to unlock 47M SUSHI tokens and this will not automatically pass the contract, but will be done manually, so you should keep an eye on the Sushi community to understand the developments.

On Coin98 there is also a detailed analysis of this event. Invite you to read: Sushi is about to unlock 47M token. What is going to happen?

Case Unlock of Sushi this time reminds me of the legendary Unlock, shocking the market, of Solana, the results are clear. The current SUSHI compared to Solana back then, in my opinion, is much better, so let’s wait together.

The onsen program is restarted

Onsen program helps encourage the brothers to provide liquidity to Sushi pools with attractive SUSHI rewards. And this program was officially re-launched on March 28 by Sushi.

There are many reputable liquidity pairs that you can refer to to improve your profits here.

Up to now, just 2 days after the Onsen program, there have been 8 trading pairs with the pool’s liquidity greater than $ 10M, including prominent names such as: WBTC / BADGER 39M, WETH-yveCRN-DAO 31M. , MKR-WETH 29M, WBTC-DIGG 21M, VSP-WETH 14M.

Of these names, the appearance of Badger and WBTC stands out above all else, reminding that the $ 1 trillion liquidity pool is on the verge of moving to DeFi.

Sushi through Immunefi offers a bonus of up to $ 1M to find system errors

Immunefi is a platform that provides services related to system security. The amount that Sushi offers is also one of the biggest numbers on the Immunefi platform. With the handshake event with Immunefi, this shows that Sushi is constantly trying to develop its system with better security improvements.

Details about the program you can watch here.

Sushi list on CREAM BSC

CREAM Finance is a decentralized Lending / Borrowing and Exchange platform combined with Liquidity mining.

To understand CREAM, please read more articles about Cream V2 – A new wind in DeFi Lending with Part 1, Part 2.

With this event, the Sushi holders now have one more channel to provide liquidity to help bring in more profits.

In the near future, you will see Sushi appearing in more places, an event you can look forward to with SUSHI:

  • Sushi plans to combine with MoonBeam to bring Sushi to KUSAMA, this helps SUSHI step into the Polkadot ecosystem (Q2, 2021), which is a very large land and many development opportunities.
  • Sushi expanded to Solana (thanks to Sam SBF CEO FTX) under the name Bonsai. Coin98 also has an article about Bonsai, you should read more here to know the meaning of SUSHI when expanding with Solana. Here, Sushi also receives $ 1M from the serum to reduce transaction fees and receive tech support from Raydium.


This week a big bang named Kashi surprised the community, the other side Uniswap is preparing for the upcoming Uni V3 with many improvements. TLV race on DEX appeared a new name that surpassed both Sushi and Uni. The DeFi market is hotter than ever, let’s wait and see the next development of this showdown.

Hopefully this article, you have an overview of the remarkable events of the Sushi ecosystem in the past week. See you in the next week issue of Landscape in Sushi.

Disclaimer: All information in this article is intended to provide you with the latest information in the DeFi market and should not be considered investment advice. Investing Crypto is a very risky investment, you need to learn carefully before investing and should only participate with possible capital loss.

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Writer: Steve Bui


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