Last chance to own NFT Youth Scout MetaSoccer (MSU)

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2021-12-31 10:27:12

At 08:00 PM on January 7, 2022 (Vietnam time), MetaSoccer will open the 4th sale and 550 NFT Youth Scouts will be available on the following link:

The NFT Youth Scouts in this sale will have a special card called “Pioneer” with some special physical attribute, “laser eye”! Price of 1 NFT is worth 5000 MSU, each wallet can buy up to 6 NFT with 50 GK – 200 DF – 200 MD – 100 FW.

NFT Youth Scouts in this sale will have a special card called “Pioneer”

This is the last sale of the NFT Youth Scout “pioneer”. Subsequent sales (if any) will not have this special physical attribute.

Note: need to connect the wallet to the Polygon Network and have an amount of MATIC ready to pay for gas.

Currently, MetaSoccer has listed the MSU token on the following CEX and DEX exchanges:, Sushiswap and Token Bonding Curve (TBC). Users can buy MSU at these exchanges.

About MetaSoccer

MetaSoccer is the first blockchain-based Play-to-Earn football metaverse where users can create their own clubs and earn income from it. This is a game with complete mechanics in terms of financial management and team management, so it will take a lot of time to research and learn how to play properly to optimize capital flow.

Participating in this football ecosystem, users will be able to spend full time as owners or managers of entertainment clubs and earn profits. The revenue will come from: selling NFT, fees from different transactions in the ecosystem: marketplace, betting, token swap, sponsorship and broadcasting…

Learn more about the project: Website | Medium | Twitter | Discord

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