Latest Anime Run Code and how to enter

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2021-06-04 01:52:17

Anime-based games on Roblox are not something new now. We have a series of anime games and codes in Roblox such as King Legacy code, Blox Fruit code, Nok Piece, Ro Ghoul, Shindo Life, All Star Tower Defense code, Grand Piece Online code…

But the way the developer turns the gameplay of these Anime titles into other new game genres is what attracts gamers. Anime Run is a game also inspired by famous anime series.

However, this game will have a completely different gameplay than the anime games above. You will have to let your character run continuously, like runner games. Collect gems and stars alongside your opponents in the race.

Like many other games on Roblox, you can also enter the Anime Run code for in-game support. Here is the latest Anime Run code and how to enter.

Latest Anime Run Beta Code

  • release – 500 gems
  • betarelease – 3 spins

How to enter code Anime Run Beta code

In the game interface, select the code, this icon is too familiar to those of you who often enter the code in Roblox games.

Then enter one of the codes above into the box and press Enter.

code anime run

The spins you get will be used to spin the wheel of fortune in the main lobby of the game. Here you can get skin sets, character animation effects or gems.

anime run code

Anime Run just launched not long ago but has attracted a lot of Roblox players. Although before that Roblox had many titles in the runner genre. But the combination of anime and runner in Anime Run has really attracted gamers.

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