Latest Code Murder Mystery 2 and how to enter

Latest Code Murder Mystery 2 and how to enter

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2021-06-19 16:35:24

In Murder Mystery 2, you will take on the role of an Innocent, Sheriff or Murderer! Innocent people will need to run, hide and hide from the Killer. Together with the Sheriff, you will have to find out which player is the Killer.

If you are chosen to be the Sheriff, you will be the only character with a weapon. So you can take down the Killer if you know who he is. In addition to the murderer, innocent people can also be hit by the sheriff’s bullets.

Like many other Roblox games, the Murder Mystery 2 code also has rewards for players. With these codes you can enter the game to get knives and many other gifts. Below is the Murder Mystery 2 code and how to enter the code.

Latest Code Murder Mystery 2 2

Currently, there is no code for Murder Mystery 2, when the code is available, CHK will update you.

Some old Murder Mystery 2 codes

  • Get Combat II Knife: COMB4T2
  • Get Prism Knife: PR1SM
  • Get Alex Knife: AL3X
  • Get Corl Knife: C0RL
  • Get Denis Knife: D3NIS
  • Get Sketchy Knife: SK3TCH ONLY
  • Get Sub Knife: SUB0
  • Get Infected Knife: INF3CT3D
  • Get Goo Knife: G003Y
  • Get Reptile Knife: R3PT1L3
  • Get Skool Knife: SK00L
  • Get Patrick Knife: PATR1CK
  • Get 2015 Knife: 2015
  • Get Gifted Knife: G1FT3D
  • Get TNL Knife: TH3N3XTL3V3L
  • Get Neon Knife: N30N
  • Get Pumpkin Pet: HW2017

How to enter code Murder Mystery 2

In the main interface, you just need to click on the Inventory icon on the left edge.

Enter your Murder Mystery 2 code into the code input box on the Redeem button. After entering the code, click Redeem.

code murdermystery2

Most of the code in Murder Mystery 2 will give the player knife skins. However, it is still an element that makes your character stand out. Unlike getting experience points, gold like Code All Star Tower Defense, Code Project New World, Code Project One Piece, code YBA…

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