Latest Code of Hiep Nghia Giang Ho and how to enter

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2021-05-21 11:58:42

Hiep Nghia Giang Ho is a recently released swordplay game that has attracted the attention of gamers. Players will be able to participate in familiar sects such as Wudang, Shaolin, Thuy Yen, Minh Giao, and Duong Mon. Like the Vo Lam games that many gamers have played.

Hiep Nghia Giang Ho also gives many codes for newbies like many other MMORPG titles such as Code VLTK 1 Mobile, Code Sparkling Star, to help gamers less hard when they first enter the game.

In addition, the code can be received from events taking place in the game or received for free when the game board broadcasts directly to gamers. Once the code is available, the player will enter the game to receive the gifts in the game. Here is the latest Hiep Nghia Giang Ho code and how to enter it.

How to enter the code Hiep Nghia Giang Ho

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Step 1: Visit the link to enter the giftcode below and log in to your Hiep Nghia Giang Ho account. This account must already have a character in the game, then select the character you want to import and select GIFTCODE.

Link to enter Giftcode Hiep Nghia Giang Ho

Step 2: Enter one of the above giftcodes and click Use.


Step 3: Then enter the game, select the item Letters right on the main interface.

code hiep Nghia Giang

Step 4: Here will display your Giftcode exchange letter, click Get Quick to receive gifts from giftcode.

code hiep Nghia Giang

Received gifts will be marked Received.

code hiep Nghia Giang

The gifts that the system sends to players will be Enhancement Stones, Ky Linh Phu, EXP Phu, Challenge Cards… These items may not be used right away but can help gamers about later stage.

In addition, you can receive gifts from the giftcode in the game’s Event from the Fanpage by following the link below.

Link Fanpage Hiep Nghia Giang Ho

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