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2021-06-01 18:43:53

Skip the attractive action games on Roblox currently like Survive The Killer, Muscle Legends, AllStarTowerDefense, Nok Piece, Noob Army Tycoon… We will come to you Pet Swarm Simulator, a game for those who love pets.

With the help of the code, you can have the help to make your pets stronger. Includes food, coins… and more in the game. The latest Pet Swarm Simulator code list below will help you get items more easily.

List of latest Pet Swarm Simulator codes

  • 3kLIKES
  • 3kfollowers
  • ItzVortex – 10 times food boost
  • 45klikes – 10 times food boost
  • discordmember
  • XBOX – Xbox Controller
  • megaupdate – 2 times coin and food boost
  • 35KLIKES – 3 times rares for 15 minutes
  • HUGEUPDATE – two times coin and food boost
  • 25KLIKES – 2 times food boost
  • 15KLIKES – 2 times food boost for 15 minutes
  • 10KTHANKS – 2 times coin boost and five times mythical boost

How to enter code Pet Swarm Simulator

Like many other Roblox games, to enter the Pet Swarm Simulator code, click the Code icon on the right side of the screen.

And please enter one of the above codes in the code content box and press Enter.

pet simulator code

Like many other codes such as AFK Arena code, Phong Khoi Truong An code, Tru Tien Thanh Van Chi code, Tan OMG3Q code, Twinkling Star code, 3Q Danh General code… Pet Swarm Simulator code has no calendar release specific code.

So make sure you pin this page on your bookmarks bar. When you need to update the latest codes, just click on the saved page and you will know if you have the latest Pet Swarm Simulator code or not.

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