Latest iPhone XS price in January 2023, small but martial, good to use in the next few years, as cheap as the old iPhone XR

Latest iPhone XS price in January 2023, small but martial, good to use in the next few years, as cheap as the old iPhone XR

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2023-01-22 01:47:43

iPhone XS is considered the high-end iPhone X series for users who prefer a screen that is not too large. Because it belongs to the high-end segment, the iPhone XS still has Apple-specific high-end things such as polished steel frames, OLED screen instead of LCD. Notably, currently in January, the price of the old iPhone XS is dropping to the same level as the old iPhone XR.

How much does iPhone XS cost?

Accordingly, currently, to buy iPhone XS, users only have to spend 5.99 million VND for 64GB version. This is quite a decrease compared to the figure of 6.39 million in the previous months. This price of the iPhone XS is on par with the old iPhone XR for the moment.

Meanwhile, the 128GB version costs 6.39 million VND. Of course, the stores all say that this is an old iPhone XS with quality as new (like new) and an international version that only needs to be inserted SIM to be able to use it normally.

It can be seen that the current iPhone XS price is on par with the price of the new OPPO A96 or compared to the latest iPhone 14 Pro, the iPhone XS is more than 22 million VND cheaper. However, in terms of basic functions, the iPhone XS currently has up to 70% of the features compared to the latest iPhone 14 Pro.

The iPhone Xs was launched in September 2018 alongside the iPhone XR but was discontinued after only a year because it was replaced by the iPhone 11 Pro. Meanwhile, the iPhone XR is still on sale until September 2021. Therefore, in the current context, the iPhone XS is still a powerful and sufficient smartphone for at least the next 3 years.

iPhone XS configuration

iPhone Xs has a luxurious design with polished steel edges and a slick glass back. In addition, the device has a 5.8-inch screen, Apple A12 Bionic chip combined with a 2658 mAh battery.

The dual camera set with a normal lens and 2X zoom provides versatile shooting capabilities. The image quality of the iPhone XS is still nineteen and ten compared to the iPhone 14 Pro Max if not compared to terrible features such as shooting. 4K or Cinematic recording.

Should you buy an iPhone XS?

If you’re looking for a high-end iPhone with good performance that will last 3 years, the iPhone Xs is still a very good choice in terms of price and features. However, because it is an old product, you need to pay attention to choose a reputable store with a good warranty.

The small screen is a minus point of the iPhone XS because it is only 5.8 inches while the 6.1 inch size is common. Therefore, do not buy iPhone XS if you do not like phones with small screens.

Where to buy iPhone XS?

Currently, there are still many retail systems selling iPhone XS. So users can easily refer and buy. Because it is buying used machines, users should prioritize choosing stores with long and easy warranty policies.

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