Latest Love Spirit World Code and how to enter

Latest Love Spirit World Code and how to enter

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2021-07-13 16:20:51

Love Spirit World is an MMORPG with an anime graphic style with bold Japanese drawings. Combined with each dreamlike scenery will attract gamers who love Japanese culture.

It is still the way to play plowing through character classes with its own characteristics in the game according to the God – Ma sect. Choosing the right character for your playstyle will have a definite advantage for the player in many activities in the game.

And like many other mobile games, players will receive attractive gifts when they first enter the game in the form of giftcode input. Here is the latest Love Spirit World giftcode and how to enter the code.

Latest VGP Love Spirit World Giftcode

  • YLG7384
  • YLG8345

How to enter code YLG

Step 1: In the main interface of the game, select Welfare, you must be level 31 to unlock this Benefit. It only takes you 10-15 minutes to get to level 31.

Step 2: In the Welfare interface you will see the Giftcode Redeem feature. Click on it and enter the Giftcode in the giftcode box and then select Redeem to change the code.

giftcode ylg

If the code is still valid, you will see the message Received successful code appear.

giftcode ylg

Step 3: Out of the main interface, select the Mail item.

giftcode ylg

Check your mailbox and you will see a giftcode mailed with the reward. Click Get Quick to get the full amount of rewards included in the messages.

giftcode ylg

In addition to receiving rewards from giftcode, players can participate in events on the game’s Fanpage to receive their own giftcode. Please join the events with giftcode according to the fanpage link below.

Link Fanpage Love Spirit World

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