Latest Sharkbite Code and how to enter

Latest Sharkbite Code and how to enter

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2021-06-17 21:47:42

Game genres in Roblox are quite diverse, from games inspired by popular anime such as One Piece, Naruto, Dragonball Z… with names like Project New World, Nok Piece… shooting action game like Arsenal…

Some games with strange gameplay such as Ultimate Tower Defense, Tower Defense Simulator, Pet Swarm Simulator also attract players thanks to creative gameplay.

Sharkbite is also one of the games with new gameplay in Roblox. You will be chosen as a shark to destroy ships or climb aboard with your friends and attack the sharks. If the sailors destroy the shark, they will win, if the shark destroys the entire ship and crew, the shark wins.

The currency in the game is also quite strange, it is called shark teeth and you can use shark teeth to buy ships and many other things in the game. Code Sharkbite can help you get more shark teeth, below is the list of the latest Sharkbite code in the game.

Code Sharkbite wiki, the latest Sharkbite 2021 code

Code Sharkbite is still valid

  • imonsSpace – Get 50 shark teeth
  • DUCKYRAPTOR – Get 50 shark teeth
  • FROGGYBOAT – Get 50 shark teeth

Old Sharkbite Code

  • SHARKCAGE – Get 50 shark teeth
  • SHARKWEEK2020 – Get 50 shark teeth
  • 20KDISCORD – Get 50 shark teeth
  • SKELETONS – Get 50 shark teeth
  • GHOSTS – Get 50 shark teeth
  • STEALTH – Get 50 shark teeth
  • LegendaryGun! – Get 50 shark teeth
  • NewShark – Get 50 shark teeth
  • EditShark! – Get 50 shark teeth
  • NewGun – Get 50 shark teeth
  • mosasaurus – Get 50 shark teeth
  • SwimingLizard – Get 50 shark teeth

How to enter code Sharkbite

In the main interface of the game, select the familiar bird icon. This is the icon that opens the code input interface in many Roblox games.

In the code input panel, copy and paste one of the codes above and press Redeem.

sharkbite code

If the Success message appears, the code is already valid.

sharkbite code

Most will be codes to receive shark teeth, the currency you use to buy boats and many other things in the game.

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