Latest Sparkle Code and input method

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2021-05-10 22:18:48

Besides the event activities in Sparkling Star that help you get Diamonds, experience points, costumes, and rare items in the game, Giftcode is also a way that players can get gifts. rare in the game without any effort.

However, the Sparkling Star code is not always available. Only when there are certain events or activities on the Fanpage of the game will players have the opportunity to receive gifts from giftcode only. Below is the code for the Sparkle Star and how to enter the code in the game.

How to enter the Sparkle Star code

Sparkling Star Giftcode

Step 1: In the main interface, select Other Services as shown below, then choose Redeem Code.

Step 2: In the code input box, enter the Sparkling Star giftcode and click Change. Soon you will see the gift code from that giftcode.

Besides the Sparkling Star Giftcode above, you can join the Sparkling Star’s Official Launch event by following the link below to receive gifts. Content and participation requirements are clearly stated in the article of the Sparkling Star Fanpage.

Link to join the Official Sparkling Star event

The gameplay of Sparkling Star combines small game genres such as fashion, real-life simulation and character management, interaction, connection and dating. A typical type of the Otome game series.

A game with the gameplay is not too strange, the gameplay is simple, but the content is new so it is still very attractive to gamers. The plot of Sparkling Star will take players into the secret story of showbiz.

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