Latest Super Beast Code and how to enter

Latest Super Beast Code and how to enter


2021-06-10 06:24:16

Those who love Pokemon in particular and the turn-based champion game genre, Super God Beast will be an appropriate game. Gamers can freely collect Pokemon that are simulated in the original movie with their own attributes, skills and qualities.

Your squad will have 6 Pokemon, you will have to arrange the squad so that it is full of elements to overcome the enemy squad. Requires gamers to have a clear strategy. Besides passing, there are also features and activities such as evolution, awakening, boss fight, guild battle…

There are a series of rewards in the game that you can receive through many activities such as passing, doing missions… The easiest is giftcode but you have to watch to see if there are any events happening on the game’s fanpage or homepage.

Code Super Beast has a different way of entering than many mobile games such as Code Ngu Than Su, Code King of Magic, Code Than Ma Thu Thanh… So you will need instructions for entering the code and the latest list of Super Beast codes in down here.

Latest Super Beast Code

  • 575C9B3CA0B83C37

How to enter code Super Beast Mobile

Step 1: To enter the code, you need to reach Stage 3-7 or higher. You can view your passed stage in the Challenge button. When you are eligible, select the Base icon, then select Benefits.

Step 2: In the feature list above the slider, select Giftcode. Then copy one of the codes above into the code input box and select Change.

The rewards included in the code will be added directly to your inventory. Want to check the rewards received in the Bag.

code super beast

The rewards received from the Super Pet giftcode will include items used to upgrade and nourish Pokemon. Like many other mobile game giftcodes, you should enter codes quickly because they are limited in time or number of entries. Follow fanpage to participate in events to receive the latest giftcode.

Super God Fan Page

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