Launched in less than 24 hours, the AnubisDAO project with $ 60 million “run away”

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2021-10-30 14:58:13

A new cryptocurrency project launched on October 28 has disappeared with all the money raised, leaving investors “bewildered”.

Launched in less than 24 hours, the AnubisDAO project with $ 60 million “run away”

This focal project is called AnubisDAO, promoting itself as a fork of OlympusDAO (OHM) – a very famous cryptocurrency project in recent times, using other coins to back the token of the company. it’s him. In addition, the project also uses the image of Anubis – the god of death in Egyptian mythology whose head is in the shape of a dog – to easily “catch the trend” of current “dog coins”.

AnubisDAO has only been promoted since October 28 through a Discord channel and a Twitter account. Although there is no website or any documents about the project, investors still quickly fomo into AnubisDAO’s ANKH token sale which lasted for 24 hours, with a total of about 60 million USD transferred into the contract. project intelligence.

However, by about 7 pm tonight (Vietnam time), the amount of $ 60 million in ETH was transferred to another address. The liquidity in the ANKH/ETH pool was also withdrawn.

Since then, the ANKH token price has dropped to 0. Copper, the ANKH token sale website, even removed its price list.

Screenshot of the ANKH price chart on Copper before it was removed. Source: The Block

The crypto investment community on Twitter quickly linked the $60 million withdrawal wallet address to a Twitter account named @Beerus, but minutes later, the account was deleted.

0xSisyphus, a well-known DeFi investor who has been constantly impersonated to invite others to invest, announced a reward of up to 1,000 ETH ($4.3 million at the time of writing) for anyone who finds it. get the identity of the person behind the address that withdrew the money from AnubisDAO.

The above case once again shows the dangers of the cryptocurrency sector, where with a little carelessness, investors can be deceived into losing money from projects that are said to have the most potential, especially. in the midst of the FOMO sentiment that is pervading the market as it is now.

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