Launching the event of a complete set of Smartweb Auto 5.0 Solutions for the Automotive industry

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2022-07-03 17:59:49

On the morning of June 30, 2022, Bizfly – Top 3 vendors of sales and marketing software – a product of VCCorp – held an offline event to launch a full suite of Smartweb Auto 5.0 Solution – Website building & management Comprehensive sales for the automotive industry.

The event brings a complete set of website and sales management solutions; maximum support for online – offline car buying and selling activities (from approaching customers online, nurturing, consulting to promoting faster buying behavior) with outstanding improvements; The ultimate goal is to grow revenue, break sales, stimulate demand and maintain customer lifecycle.

“The online car market is booming globally, but it’s just budding in Vietnam”

Commenting on the market, Mr. Nguyen Dang Viet – Head of the Content Department of the specialized electronic portal about cars and motorcycles “The online car market is booming globally, but it is just budding in Vietnam,” said

To prove the above statement, Mr. Viet gave many talking numbers:

Frost & Sullivan estimates that nearly 825,000 new vehicles will be sold online globally in 2019, by 2025, this number will be 6 million.

According to Forbes, 66% of Tesla’s sales come from online sales, ie customers pay for cars without going to a dealer.

According to Allied Market Research, the global online car buying market is valued at $247.93 billion in 2020, and is expected to reach $722.79 billion by 2030, with an annual growth rate of 12.2%. , from 2021 to 2030.

According to Alan Haig, Chairman of Haig Partners, nearly 30% of new car sales in the US in 2020 are sold online. Before the pandemic, that number was less than 2%.

Smartweb Auto 5.0 solution has received the attention of a large number of businesses in the automotive industry

In the Vietnamese market, the “budding” is reflected in the following factors:

In January 2021, VinFast launched an O2O shopping model – from online to store (online to offline). At the company’s website, customers can choose versions, interior and exterior colors, and payment methods. Buyers choose the living area to have the nearest showroom suggestion and proceed with the next procedures. This model is not yet true of the online auto market but can be seen as the foundation for the future.

In March 2021, Mercedes-Benz Vietnam operated the online car shopping interface for the first time. The company allows customers to choose the models with available equipment, quote prices and connect with the dealer of their choice (with suggestions). The purchase of Mercedes cars will still be done by the dealer with the customer. The company acts as an initial consultant when offering options, prices, services, and associated incentives.

In June 2021, TC Motor implemented an online car booking form, but only applied to the Santa Fe model, but not on all products. This form, allows customers to choose car color, version, payment method and order online.

This “budding” is said to come from the habits and thoughts of Vietnamese consumers. For a valuable asset such as a car, it is difficult for Vietnamese people to decide to buy online. The habit of touching with hands, driving to experience the product before deciding is also a barrier to selling online. Moreover, it is easy for car showrooms to lose customer information into the hands of fake websites, because genuine websites do not have brand identity elements or do not conform to the parent company’s brand standards, etc.

Mr. Nguyen Dang Viet also pointed out opportunities for Vietnam’s online auto business. It’s an opportunity when every procedure is being digitalized; car manufacturers are gradually turning to online sales to save operating costs; Online data helps manufacturers directly capture customer psychology.

Launching the event of a complete set of Smartweb Auto 5.0 Solutions for the Automotive industry - Photo 2.

Pictures from the event

Continuing to open up opportunities for the direct auto business, Ms. Nguyen Thi Nga gave the event impressive numbers: 63% of auto consumers are considering buying a car online within the next 5 years. ; 51% of consumers buy cars online; 64% of consumers estimate experience is more important than price when buying online; 6 million online car purchases by 2025.

According to Ms. Nga, the purpose of enterprises in digital transformation should be identified as: increasing brand coverage, increasing competitive position, boosting revenue growth and increasing human resource efficiency. The main result in digital transformation is enhanced customer experience; improve employee experience and optimize operational processes, improve operations, reduce costs for businesses.

Ms. Nga also reviewed effective Sales and Marketing solutions in the digital transformation journey, which are: Website, CRM (customer relationship management software), Chatbot, callcenter, Automation Marketing, Customer Retention Campaign … will effectively support businesses, help better manage, increase brand coverage and promote sales.

Effective digital transformation solutions for the Automotive industry

In the sharing of Mr. Nguyen Huu Dung – Director of Web Solution, Bizfly – pointed out the actual situation of the website of the car showroom/Salon, which leads to difficulties in reaching potential customers or reaching but not making an impression. “missing” customers unnecessarily.

To solve the above problems, Mr. Dung has come up with a solution to build a professional – effective car website from Bizfly with many outstanding advantages: beautiful, modern and classy interface; focus on user experience (UX); promote sales, increase conversion rate; customer care and data exploitation activities; Stable and strong infrastructure.

Launching the event of a complete set of Smartweb Auto 5.0 Solutions for the Automotive industry - Photo 3.

Nurturing customer data is the most important task of every business.”

Ms. Huyen Du – Sales Director of Bizfly – affirmed: “Nurture of customer data is the most important task of every business. Optimizing customer experience on all online and offline channels is essential to achieve success. impress and retain customers, thereby increasing emotions and buying behavior.”

Bizfly CRM solution with full functions of sales, marketing, management will solve the problem of customer data management; thereby giving a clear direction to the story of sales, nurturing and care.

“The launching ceremony of a full suite of website building & comprehensive sales management solutions for the automotive industry: Smartweb Auto 5.0 Solution” provides an opportunity for domestic businesses to contact, establish relationships and expand their business. diversifying products, in line with market demand and going further in the field of auto business and retail.

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