Launchpool (LPOOL) has had an amazing 11 months of growth since launch

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2022-01-04 04:43:04

Since its launch in February, Launchpool has enjoyed an amazing 11 months of exponential growth and going forward Launchpool’s mission will remain the same – democratize the investment landscape at an early stage to empower fair access for all. In this article, Launchpool wants to share with users some of the highlights from the past year.

Launchpool has successfully held 30 IDOs and raised more than 10 million USD, reached more than 20,000 KYC members, Launchpool launches have continuously broken records until the last weeks of the year. In addition, Launchpool has given away over $20,000 for free and will continue to encourage active community contributions on Twitter, Telegram and Discord in the new year.

Born from realizing the potential of an incubator, providing the most loyal community members with early access to pre-seed and seed rounds, through a unique NFT hierarchy . From there, Launchpool was born.

With the efforts of the entire team, including the valuable board, Launchpool Labs Cohort1 launched in August 2021, with a total of 5 projects incubated (NOWwhere, MegaFans, Nifty Football, BrickTrade and Unicred). Launchpool Labs Cohort1 has helped the above 5 projects successfully raise capital (over 2 million USD in total) and is ready for the pre-IDO phase on Launchpool.

Launchpool also thanks all users for always accompanying the project from hours of discussion, feedback, direct messages, thinking about how to expand the community stronger, more united, how Together, we continuously innovate, to the way of developing services, perfecting technical products of Launchpool…

Launchpool has a lot of exciting developments and amazing projects coming out in January and can’t wait to share it with all users. Let’s watch together!

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