Leaked image of Mi Smart Band 6 in the shape of Mi Band 5

Leaked image of Mi Smart Band 6 in the shape of Mi Band 5


2021-04-02 17:53:17

(CHK) A photo believed to be Mi Smart Band 6 in fact posing with Mi Band 5 has attracted a lot of attention from the technology world.

Mi Smart Band 6 was introduced on March 29, but the published images are not actual images. However, after only a day, Twitter account @isadoes posted a photo of Mi Smart Band 6 visually with Mi Band 5.

Mi Smart Band 6 is rated by the technology world as the biggest improvement since the Mi Band 3 with color display. The 6th generation Xiaomi smart bracelet possesses a 1.56 inch “pill” screen that is 50% larger than the Mi Band 5 with a rectangular screen.

The leaked photo shows the difference in screen size between Mi Band 5 and Mi Smart Band 6 quite clearly although the body is almost equal in length and width. This is more or less similar to the design change from having a home button to overflow with the “rabbit ears” of the iPhone.

Along with that, Mi Smart Band 6 creates a more elegant design feeling. This may be due to the fact that the bezels around and the top and bottom are both quite thin. The larger screen has allowed Smart Band 6 to display clearer and sharper when placed next to the Mi Band 5.

As of now, the authenticity of the photo has yet to be proven. However, quite a lot of technology lovers commented that the leaked photo showed quite accurately the published information of Mi Smart Band 6.

If the released image is true, the Mi Smart Band 6 will continue to be an attractive Xiaomi wearable despite the possibly more expensive price tag.


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