Learn game Loserchick (CHICK)?  Review and guide to play the game LoserChick

Learn game Loserchick (CHICK)? Review and guide to play the game LoserChick

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2021-08-05 16:28:57

What is the Loser Chick Project?

LooserChick is a blockchain game platform with the main game of egg picking (EGG) derived from the “Claw Crane” model built on Polygon, combined with NFT to create a Play to Earn model with a story revolving around funny NFT LoserChicks. Fun gets its name from real-world characters.


Users use CHICK token to collect eggs (EGG token) and use eggs to continue minting NFT chickens (LooserChick), then stake LooserChick to Mining again CHICK.

Figure 1: Model of the game Looserchick
Figure 1: Model of the game Looserchick
  • The special thing in this model is that the egg-picking (Claw) and minting NFT activities both cause the CHICK and EGG tokens to be burned/destroyed leading to a supply deflation mechanism.
  • The “Claw crane” model is a globally popular game, it has a charm due to creating the player’s expectation of luck in each egg pick and the element of surprise. If you’re lucky enough, you’ll get the most valuable NFTs or nothing at all.

How to play Loser Chick?

To participate in the game you must have CHICK to pick up eggs or EGG to mint LooserChick this can be done through owning these tokens on QuickSwap exchange for starters.

Components in the game

Figure 2: Elements in the game Looserchick
Figure 2: Elements in the game Looserchick

Website at: https://app.loserchick.fi/#/NewChickCity

  • Crazy Claw: Egg Picking Game

Crazy Claw

  • Chick Mining: USDC-CHICK pair liquidity provision to receive CHICK tokens

Chick Mining

Types of LooserChick that users can mint. Will statistics in this section.

LooserChick Club

This section will lead players to NFT which can be bought to own on Opensea.

Looser Store

  • Data Center: The project’s token activity statistics center

Data Center

Basic guide to LoserChick game for beginners

Basic preparation

Step 1: Create and install Metamask wallet here

Step 2: Install Polygon network on Metamask wallet here

Step 3: Buy CHICK tokens on QuickSwap here or EGG here

Step 4: Access the platform and login to the wallet here.

LoserChick Game Instructions

Step 1: Before picking eggs you need to change Chick token to cChick token

Choose Crazy claw

  • Click “+” to swap $CHICK to $cCHICK

transform chick into cchick

  • Enter the number of cCHICK tokens to be swapped, confirm and click “Swap”.

swap cchick

Play the game

  • Click “Start” after confirming the successful swap “$cCHICK”.

start loserchick

  • Burn 1 cCHICK token to get started

convert cchick

  • When the game starts, the game will count down “30 seconds”.

countdown 30s

  • Use the button to switch the aim point to grab the egg.

use arrow button

  • The cEGG number will be “+1” when the egg is picked.

successful egg picking

Token model of the game LoserChick

The game is built on 3 types of EGG tokens, CHICK is ERC-20 tokens and LoserChick in the form of NFT and cEGG tokens, cCHICK are wrapt tokens in the game that convert 1:1 with out game tokens.

What is CHICK Token?

CHICK is the fundamental value token of the LoserChick ecosystem. LoserChick will first be deployed on Polygon and account for 71.73% (9,564,000 CHICK) of the total supply (ERC-20 Standard). The remaining 28.27% of the maximum supply ($3,769,333$CHICK) will be released on the non-Polygon chain (BSC, Ethereum Layer 2, Heco Chain, etc.) after LoserChick has been running on Polygon for a period of time and Cross-chain deployment has been completed.

  • Token Name: Chick Token
  • Ticker: CHICK
  • Blockchain: Polygon
  • Standard Tokens: ERC-20
  • Contract Address: 0x9e725Cf7265D12fd5f59499AFf1258CA92CAc74d
  • Supply of circulation: updating
  • Initial total supply: 13.333,333 EGG

What is EGG Token?

EGG used by the user in the game’s “Mint NFT” module. For each “Mint NFT” action, user will burn 1 EGG token and then can get LoserChick NFT randomly. All EGG tokens are Mint through the game’s “Claw the Egg” process. For LoserChick players, there are two ways to receive EGG tokens:

  • Use CHICK to join the game “Claw the Egg” and get EGG token after picking up the egg.
  • Buy EGG on the exchange
  • Token Name: EGG Token
  • Ticker: EGG
  • Blockchain: Polygon
  • Standard Tokens: ERC-20
  • Contract Address: 0x245e5ddb65eFea6522Fa913229dF1f4957fB2e21
  • Supply of circulation: updating
  • Initial total supply: 7,000,000 EGG
  • What is LoserChick NFT?

LoserChick NFTs are the core value carriers of the entire ecosystem. There are 5 types of chickens on the LoserChick platform as (NFTs). Each “chicken” has its own specific quantity and characteristic properties. Their value will ultimately be determined by their scarcity and additional special attributes.

Type Amount Released on Polygon
Shrieking Chick 99 71
Lucky Chick 2,999 2.151
Labor Chick 16,999 won 12,193
Boss Chick 79,999 won 57,383
Trump Chick 3,999,999 won 2,869,199

EGG . Token Allocation

Chick coin allocation chart

  • Airdrop (Team) : 7%, All airdrops to NFT players and communities in Genesis.
  • Community Treasury (Community budget): 56.73% distributed within the last 1 year of liquidity mining
  • Eco-Fund (Ecosystem Fund): 5%, used for ecological cooperation, marketing and promotion, 25% unlocked at launch, 25% in 6th, 9th and 12th month respectively.
  • Cross-chain Fund: 28.27%, Mined within a year of cross-chain deployment.
  • Team (Team): 3%, track community mining and release proportionally.

Team Loserchick


How to earn and own CHICK tokens

CHICK and EGG are currently listed on QuickSwap, you can own tokens through swap on this exchange.

CHICK token storage wallet

EGG is an ERC-20 token on Polygon, currently using Metamask wallet, Coinbase Wallet.

The future of LoserChick, should you invest in CHICK coin?

LoserChick provides a fun and exciting “Claw Crane” background. Game participants are not only entertained, but can also earn and own platform tokens as income. The game design is quite simple and has a lot of luck, so it doesn’t need a lot of skills in the game, so it can’t become a platform that makes players excited for a long time. The platform will benefit players who join early, gradually burning tokens will create a barrier for those who enter later. However, if increased by the probability of the number of times played, the player will have a great chance of winning. LoserChick is planning to expand on many ecosystems and promises to add more convenient features of the game in the near future. All information in this article is researched by CHK and does not constitute investment advice. CHK is not responsible for any direct and indirect risks. Good luck!

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