“Let’s Go Brandon” – when the NFT community mocks the ruling class

“Let’s Go Brandon” – when the NFT community mocks the ruling class

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2022-04-01 17:41:24

NFT, from a new age electronic asset, has become the satirical voice of the artist world.

Recently, the NFT fever has spread around the world. Using NFT, users can convert artworks and collectibles into verifiable blockchain assets. Investors are willing to pay high prices for the potential NFT works of many artists, and reap even more profits.

Like Bitcoin, the success of an NFT project relies on support from the community. “Let’s Go Brandon” – an idea derived from a “political” slogan – is one of many projects that has caused a stir in comments on social media.

The “Let’s Go Brandon” meme originated on a TV show, when a reporter for NBC NASCAR was interviewing racer Brandon Brown. Viewers can hear the crowd behind the driver chanting “F*** Joe Biden”. The reporter had to calm the situation on the TV channel by saying that everyone was cheering for the racer – “Let’s Go Brandon”. After the event, this famous saying became the way people expressed their dissatisfaction with the 46th president of the United States.

Responding to the movement, the NFT LGB (Let’s Go Brandon) collection includes tens of thousands of satirical works of the American ruling elite. The creative team says that the collection embodies “prosperity, freedom, and the American spirit”. In just 1 night, these anonymous artists completed the project and promised an exclusive experience to the community that supported them.

The people behind the project claim that their LGBT movement topped the list with 10,000 NFTs. If you search for “Let’s Go Brandon” on OpenSea, you will see many collections of the same name. LGB is designed with a “pixeled” format – one of the most popular genres on the OpenSea exchange.

One of the most attractive features of Blockchain is the ability to get passive income from assets in the wallet. In the case of the LGB collection, the creators promised to share a portion of the revenue from the sale of the project to anyone with at least four NFTs. These mechanisms are generally intended to create incentives for the market to buy and hold assets without engaging in a short-term speculative rush.

Some particularly rare NFTs – featuring famous political figures like Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton – are part of special events and are of great value.

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