LG launches PuriCare Pro air purifier series

LG launches PuriCare Pro air purifier series


2022-04-17 06:43:47

Recently, LG Electronics Vietnam company has launched Vietnamese users a product of their latest air purifier called PuriCare Pro.

This product line stands out for its simple, compact design and high air purification efficiency thanks to its advanced air filtration technology. The machine can remove harmful agents to human health in the air including fine dust PM10, PM2.5, PM1.0 and PM0.02, pollen, sawdust, formaldehyde, and toxic gases. as harmful as SO . gas2NO2.

LG launched the mid-range PuriCare Pro air purifier line - Photo 2.

The filter of LG PuriCare Pro has many layers. The first layer of protection is the Pre-filter that helps to filter out large dust particles, hair, fur and bacteria. Next is the HEPA anti-allergy filter that captures fine dust PM 10, PM 2.5, PM 1.0 and PM 0.02, sand dust, allergens such as pollen or dust mites and molds.

The innermost deodorizing film will remove the extremely toxic formaldehyde compound – the cause of serious diseases; the machine simultaneously removes SO . gas2 and NO2 in smoke and odors in the house. In addition, the machine is also capable of releasing more than 2 million ions, increasing the sterilization efficiency; protect users from harmful agents such as viruses, bacteria and allergens.

LG launched the mid-range PuriCare Pro air purifier line - Photo 3.

The machine has a screen and a display light, users will easily know the indoor air condition. Specifically, the screen displays the dust concentration of PM10, PM2.5, and PM1.0 through 4 colors and real-time data. The product also has an intelligent reversing motor, providing strong performance, minimizing noise.

LG launched the mid-range PuriCare Pro air purifier line - Photo 4.

Thanks to its rounded cylindrical design that sets it apart from other boxy products on the market, LG PuriCare Pro received the Red Dot Design Award for its outstanding ergonomic design. This design is said to have a soft, friendly and comfortable living space.

Products with reference prices at LG’s homepage are VND 10,840,000.


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