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The Witcher season 2 officially aired on December 17 with a lot of changes compared to the original, especially the Blood of Elves story collection, the main inspiration for this season. This is also one of the most controversial points in The Witcher’s return after nearly 2 years of absence, because the departure from the original too much sometimes makes fans not really satisfied, even angry before. Some pretty bold change decisions that Netflix has made.

And for those of you who haven’t read the novel series The Witcher by writer Andrzej Sapkowski, here are the big changes that Netflix has made in the past season.

Episode 1

– Ciri did not go with Geralt to Nivellen’s mansion. Nivellen is not an old friend of Geralt.

– In the original, Geralt accidentally finds several corpses near Nivellen’s house and begins to investigate the matter. However, he never spent the night here.

– Yennefer was not captured by the Nilfgaardians after the battle on Sodden Hill. Instead, she lost her sight, took a long time to recover, then worked for Dijkstra and finally saved Jaskier (Dandelion) from Rience.

– The detail of Yennefer and Fringilla being captured by the elves is entirely Netflix’s creation.

Episode 2

Changes compared to the original in The Witcher season 2: Like a completely different story!  - Photo 2.

– Francesca Findabair is not the leader of the Scoia’tael, an army of elves. This character was originally a mage member of the Brotherhood of Sorcerers, and later sided with Nilfgaard during the rebellion in Thanedd (most likely will be the focus of season 3).

– Apart from the process of Ciri practicing Kaer Morhen, all are Netflix’s own creations. In the original, there were no attacks by Leshy monsters, Myriapods or Basilisks from other worlds.

– There are only 4 witchers waiting for Geralt at Kaer Morhen, including Vesemir, Lambert, Eskel and Coen. In it, Coen is a witcher from the Gryphon school, but Netflix seems to have turned this guy into a wolf.

– Eskel does not transform into Leshy, and is not killed by Geralt in the novel.

– There are no parties at Kaer Morhen in the series, and Vesermir never allows Eskel to bring a group of strangers, including prostitutes, to the Wolf witcher’s secret fortress.

– Voleth Meir, the demon that manipulated Yennefer, Fringilla and Francesca is a creation exclusively for the TV series, not in the books.

– Cahir was not captured by the Brotherhood after the battle at Sodden Hill. This character was imprisoned by Emhyr for his failure in his mission to capture Ciri at the Cintra massacre.

– Yennefer does not lose magic after the battle above against Sodden.

– Francesca is not pregnant in the book. The detail that not a single pure elf child has been born in decades is Netflix’s own creation for the TV version.

Chap 3

Changes compared to the original in The Witcher season 2: Like a completely different story!  - Photo 3.

– In the original, Triss was the 14th female mage to die in the battle at Sodden Hill. However, she is still alive, similar to Yennefer in the TV series.

– Stregobor does not have a big role in the story.

– Istredd does not appear in Blood of Elves. This is just a super supporting character, once featured in a collection of short stories of The Witcher.

– The whole storyline about Fringilla helping the elves in Cintra is not in the original. Instead, the Nilfgaardians silently provided economic and weapons support to the elves, or rather the Scoia’tael, to rebel and harass the northern countries.

– Geralt and Ciri did not hunt monsters together in Kaer Morhen.

– The incident of Cahir’s execution that the Brotherhood carried out before the kings of the North is not in the books. Yennefer and Cahir also didn’t run away together like we saw on the TV show.

Episode 4

Changes compared to the original in The Witcher season 2: Like a completely different story!  - Photo 4.

– As noted above, the entire journey of Yennefer and Cahir in Oxenfurt is the sole creation of Netflix.

Dijkstra is not an alcoholic.

– Jaskier doesn’t sing at a pub in Oxenfurt. Instead, he performed at the base of the sacred tree Bleobheris and caught Rience’s sights. The whole story of Sandpiper is not in the book.

– The plot at Kaer Morhen in this episode closely follows the novel: Ciri trains her strength and sword skills here. Later, Triss was invited to teach Ciri some basic magic as well as the Elder language.

– Ciri’s blood is not used to create new witchers, and Vesemir has no intention of taking her blood. The witchers simply discussed among themselves whether to raise Ciri as a girl, or as a witcher, but they did not mention the Trial of Grasses mutation.

Episode 5

Changes compared to the original in The Witcher season 2: Like a completely different story!  - Photo 5.

– The burn on Rience’s face was caused by Yennefer using fire magic. Netflix’s series still cleverly kept this detail, but instead Yennefer sprayed wine into the fire on Rience’s finger and shot it right in his face.

– In the original, Triss was quite ill when she went with Geralt and Ciri to the temple of Melitele. They ran into the dwarf Yarpen Zigrin on the road and encountered a group of Scoia’tael elves. Instead, Netflix let Triss stay at Kaer Morhen, taking Geralt to see Istredd to learn about the strange rock outside Cintra.

– Blackstone blocks, the gateway between the worlds, do not appear in the original. In fact, the book Blood of Elves only focuses on Ciri’s training, and sows the seeds for later conflicts and climaxes.

– Vesemir never intended to use Ciri’s blood to create the next generation of witchers, much less let Ciri undergo the mutation process.

Episode 6

Changes compared to the original in The Witcher season 2: Like a completely different story!  - Photo 6.

– Rience does not attack Kaer Morhen and obtains the vial containing Ciri’s blood.

– Chernobog is a monster created by Netflix itself. And Geralt never used Ciri as monster bait like in any war.

– Nenneke is an elderly and devout nun who always has her own rules and never swears like on the small screen. This is one of the details that really makes fans of The Witcher book series unbearable.

– Jarre, the boy at the temple of Melitele, is actually very smart, obedient and a bit “falling in love” with Ciri, not naive and a bit “funny” like on the screen.

– Yennefer never intended to kidnap Ciri. In the original, Geralt wrote to Yennefer inviting Yennefer to the temple of Melitele and handing over his destined child to her, even though they did not meet in person in the Blood of Elves. Ciri and Yennefer stayed here for a while to learn magic.

– At this time, Geralt sets out for Oxenfurt and is helped by Jaskier, Shani (a student at the University of Oxenfurt, friend of Jaskier and Geralt’s one-night stand), Philippa Eilhart, to hunt down Rience. However, Shani never appeared in the TV version, and Philippa’s role was largely omitted to play for other characters such as Fringilla, Cahir, Francesca or the Brotherhood.

– There is no battle at the temple of Melitele.

– It was not until Time of Contempt (after Blood of Elves) that Rience found Ciri.

– Istredd doesn’t go to Codringher and Fenn like on the small screen. Instead, it was Geralt who came to them to gather more information about Rience and Ciri.

Episode 7

Changes compared to the original in The Witcher season 2: Like a completely different story!  - Photo 7.

– Tissaia also doesn’t have a really big role in the original, and even less is Vilgefortz’s lover. On the contrary, she was always wary and a little suspicious of this strange magician.

– Jaskier was never incarcerated.

– As stated above, Yennefer has no intention of harming Ciri, so the entire battle outside Cintra with the Nilfgaardians is Netflix’s own creation. In fact, after training Ciri for a while at the temple of Melitele, Yennefer intended to send her to the Aretuza school of magic.

– Lydia Van Bredevoort ruined her face after a magic experiment, not because of the Elder Blood experiment Rience obtained at Kaer Morhen.

Episode 8

Changes compared to the original in The Witcher season 2: Like a completely different story!  - Photo 8.

– Since Voleth Meir does not exist in the original, Ciri is not possessed by any demons, and the whole story about opening the portal to another world at Kaer Morhen, or the attack of the basilisks, are all creations of Netflix.

– The Wild Hunt does not appear in the Blood of Elves.

– The political conflicts between magicians are explored in the book, but in a very different way from the movie. Stregobor did not interrogate Yennefer, nor did Tissaia/Vilgefortz rebel for control of the Brotherhood. Instead, these political contradictions came from the Northern kings becoming suspicious and distrustful of their shamans.

– The meeting at the end of season 2 was originally only for kings, not with any magicians. They agreed that Ciri should be eliminated instead of letting her fall into Emhyr’s hands. In addition, they discussed the war situation with Nilfgaard quite carefully – a detail that the TV version omitted.

– Emhyr kept his relationship with Ciri a secret, not in front of the entire army of Nilfgaard like in the Netflix series. The character’s true identity is only revealed in the final chapters of the story.

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