Lindsay Lohan Offers “Experiential NFTs” on Superfandom

Lindsay Lohan Offers “Experiential NFTs” on Superfandom


2022-01-24 01:36:07

Lindsay Lohan, the famous Hollywood actress has just announced that she will join a number of other entertainment stars to sell experiential NFTs. At the same time, she also became an advisor for the Superfandom market on the Stacks blockchain.

Lindsay Lohan offers ‘experiential NFTs’ on Superfandom

Lindsay Lohan will issue an “experiential non-divisible token” on the Superfandom platform and serve as an advisor to the platform to help it attract more artists and entertainers.

“Experiential NFTs” gives fans the chance to interact with their favorite entertainers in real life by meeting them in person or participating in the metaverse. For example, fans can enjoy meals prepared by their favorite chefs.

Other stars offering NFT on the platform include Richard Karn, movie stars Jake Busey (Starship Troopers) and Riya Sen (30 Minutes), and singer Hunava Mere, Jubin Nautiyal.

Reportedly, Superfandom is a subsidiary of Rare Sense, supported by developerHiro and emerging from the first team of Stacks Accelerator. Stacks is an open source layer 1 blockchain that settles transactions on Bitcoin.

Development trend of experiential NFTs

Development trend of experiential NFTs
Development trend of experiential NFTs

Sharing with Cointelegraph, executive director Sophia Perez commented that “This is not the typical CryptoPunk or Bored Ape art NFT type.”

He thinks that experiential NFTs are more suitable for creators because if you are an artist NFT from digital art is the best option, but if you are a chef or an actor this option is no longer suitable. fit.

1990s TV star Karn is offering fans NFT allowing them to be his golf buddies for a day or for the actor to appear with them in a video.

Experiences with other stars that have so far included a gym session, acting training or just hanging out are exciting content for fans.

At the same time, Perez indicated that the platform will be up and running within the next two weeks, allowing fans to start purchasing NFT experiences already on the system.

Since one fan won’t be eligible to repeat most experiences, “finding the secondary market is a big priority for us,” said Perez. This will allow experiential NFTs to be resold and experienced by new owners.

It can be seen that this action represents a new step in Lohan’s strategy into the NFT market. She previously released a music single as an NFT and sold a Daft Punk-themed NFT on Rarible.

There are currently no specific announcements about Lohan’s experiential NFTs products.

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