Lithium Finance is “backed” by FBG Capital

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2021-10-25 20:37:11

FBG will join the list of reputable investors in the Lithium ecosystem as a Wisdom Node that helps to value blockchain startups from the very beginning.

FBG Capital is interested in building a “Silicon Valley” in the blockchain world, a place to attract and incubate excellent blockchain projects and investors from all over the world.

Currently, FBG is present throughout major technology hubs in Asia and the United States. All of this promises to bring many benefits to Wisdom Seekers.

The partnership between Lithium and FBG contribute to a more transparent valuation of blockchain startups, an area that has never been seen as an easy valuation.

Lithium values ​​private and illiquid assets, including Wisdom Seeker and Wisdom Node through the DMI mechanism, helping to determine the correct answer in the end. Wisdom Seekers will ask the Wisdom Node for a valuation for a specific individual asset. Lithium’s system will reward Wisdom Nodes who provide honest and correct answers, and penalize those who give false and irrelevant information. Wisdom Seekers can put their trust in FBG’s investment experience, research and dissertations done with high accuracy and timeliness.

Valuing blockchain companies in their infancy is a challenging task. This partnership can strengthen Lithium as an alternative pricing infrastructure, making it convenient for all potential investors looking for opportunities in this sector.

David Lighton, Co-Founder of Lithium Finance, said: “We are delighted that FBG has been launched as a Wisdom Node as demand for valuation of private and illiquid assets is increasing. up. FBG’s expertise in blockchain and digital asset management makes them a perfect fit. I believe all of our Wisdom Seekers will be excited about this.”

Xixi Li, Senior Associate at FBG Capital, added: “Using the wisdom of the crowd to accurately price private assets on-chain is a groundbreaking concept. We can see that this will be a flexible solution for assets like early-stage blockchain startups and new types of private assets like NFTs. We look forward to contributing to the Lithium ecosystem.”

About Lithium Finance

Lithium Finance is an Oracle price data supply platform that allows pricing of illiquid assets. Lithium Finance allows users to access scarce primary market (OTC) price data that is normally held only by brokers, senior managers or experts in M&A activities. Lithium Finance is a platform that promotes public data sharing and privacy. It rewards analysts who provide honest information and punishes those who provide mispriced data. As a result, users of Lithium effectively get prices for all hard-to-value assets such as pre-IPO shares, private equity, and other illiquid assets.

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