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2021-10-26 20:42:15

Dubbed ChainLink Killer, API3 is the project closest to ChainLink’s Oracle throne, thanks to First-party Oracle that aggregates data directly from a decentralized API network. With the ability to provide accurate, seamless and realistic data, API3 is being trusted by a large number of Blockchain projects today.

With the API network surpassing 125 suppliers from many different Blockchain fields, API3 holds great prospects to boost the global Oracle market share, as well as build a solid Web3 data infrastructure. for the entire Blockchain industry in the near future.

And to help the community understand more about the project’s core products & future development plans, CHK TV will hold a Crypto Lighthouse #15 Livestream with the participation of guests from API3:

Ryan Boder – API3 DAO Co-Lead

Talking in this AMA with the main guest is a familiar face to the audience CHK TV: Jenny – COO of Kyros Ventures and CHK

The AMA will discuss a number of issues:

– Looking back at the milestones in the development of API3
– API3’s plan in Q4 and What awaits API3 in 2022
– Answer questions from the community

Join the chat group Fomo Sapiens Let’s discuss hot issues of DeFi market with CHK admin team!!!

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