Liveworksheets – Download Liveworksheets –

Liveworksheets – Download Liveworksheets –

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2021-08-30 13:43:42

What are Liveworksheets?

Liveworksheets is a tool that allows teachers to create interactive exercises for students. Teachers upload traditional printed assignments in PDF or as Word documents, which can then be converted into interactive exercises using a variety of formats such as multiple choice, drag and drop, or stitches. name, which can include audio or video as needed.

Teachers can also create speaking exercises in which students must record themselves using the instrument’s microphone. Many exercises that have been created by other users can also be accessed.

Liveworksheets is a tool that allows teachers to create interactive exercises for students

How can Liveworksheets be used?

You can use Liveworksheets to create your own interactive worksheets or use worksheets shared by other teachers. Liveworksheets has a collection of thousands of interactive worksheets covering a variety of languages ​​and topics.

How do I create my own interactive worksheet?

Very simple. Basically, you have to upload your document (in doc, pdf, jpg, etc.) format and it will be converted to an image. Then you just draw cells on the worksheet and enter the correct answers.

There are also some commands that you need to learn if you want to do other types of exercises, like drag and drop, join with arrows, speaking exercises, etc. But rest assured it’s all very easy.

You can refer to the following video tutorials:

Is there any limit?

If you share your interactive worksheet with other teachers, you can create as many lessons as you want. You can also keep your worksheet private, but limit it to 30 worksheets.

Note that you cannot share worksheets taken from other websites, scanned from printed books, or include any copyrighted content without permission.

Are there any limitations in interactive workbooks?

There are some limits, but for most teachers, that shouldn’t be a problem: You can create up to 10 interactive workbooks (120 pages each) and sign up for up to 100 lessons. born. This means you can save 10 x 120 x 100 = 120,000 student answers for free in your account.

If you need to provide materials to more students, and want to create more individual worksheets and workbooks, you can pay a subscription fee to increase these limits.

Is it possible to add interactive worksheets to your own website or blog?

Yes, you can embed your worksheets and even other teachers’ work (if they allow this option). Just open the worksheet and click “Embed in my website or blog”. There, you will receive a code to code into your website.

Is it possible to download the worksheet as a pdf?

Many worksheets are also downloadable as pdfs (if the author allows this option). You can download 10 worksheets per day.

Liveworksheets are a useful tool for creating interactive exercises for students. It is easy to use for teachers and can make learning more fun and enjoyable. However, with so many different options available, teachers need to carefully select the most appropriate type of exercise needed for each learning activity.


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