Loot Ecosystem – The Beginning With The “Strangest” Idea NFT History

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2021-10-31 15:00:07

Loot is perhaps one of the weirdest NFT projects in NFT history, or in other words, an idea unlike any other before it. Now, Loot is not only standing alone, but also a Loot ecosystem (aka Lootverse). This article will help you know:

  • What is Loot Alliance?
  • Stages of Loot.
  • Current projects in Loot Alliance.
  • Projection on Loot ecosystem (Lootverse).

About Loot and Loot Alliance

What is loot?

Loot is a project about NFT with black photos and white text, showing items in the character’s adventure journey such as hats, gloves, shoes, etc. Loot appeared around the beginning of September 2021, With the community buzzing about a fairly simple NFT, it’s a photo with some white text, sometimes worth up to a few hundred ETH for 1 NFT of Loot.

If you have ever visited Loot’s website before, you will see that the interface is extremely simple, with only a few lines of text with a place to mint Loot.

The initial interface could not be more “complex” than that of the Loot website.

But near the end of October 2021, a bunch of Lootverse builders decided: Update the site www.lootproject.com to help players understand the ever-expanding Lootverse.

Loot .’s current website interface

More and more projects and dev teams want to participate in Lootverse, and thus create a Loot Alliance.

What is Loot Alliance?

Loot Alliance has been formed to lead and run the Loot website, which is acting as a representative of the Lootverse (Loot Ecosystem) community. They are a collective of developers, designers and experts working together to create a solid foundation for Loot.

The new look on Loot’s website will help:

  • It’s easier for new players to understand and participate in Loot.
  • Loot will become more fun and interesting.
  • Create a Foundation to help others build Loot communities.
  • Strengthen the will of the community.

Stages of Loot

According to the latest update, Loot is currently divided into 4 phases.

  • Stage 1 (Get Loot): This is when we first learned the concept of Loot, people flocked to mint Loot.
  • Stage 2 (Gear Up): You can use Loot to mint items like Genesis Mana, Realm,…
  • Stage 3 (Character): Start learning about images of NFT Loots in our wallet. What will these characters look like? How will the loot in one game be different from the loot in the other?
  • Stage 4 (Quests): Not yet released, but it is highly likely that starting the games gradually coming out, users can experience real activities with their Loot, and can receive rewards.

In fact, phases 2 and 3 do not have a clear division, can even run parallel to each other, the projects in the current Loot Alliance are located in these two phases. So what are these projects?

Projects in Loot Alliance

These projects are only temporary. In the future, more updates will be voted on by the community.

The Genesis Projects

The Genesis Projects (ATIME) is a NFT collectibles project with Genesis Mana minted from Loots as a raw material.

When the user gathers 8 pieces of Genesis Mana, Genesis Adventurers will be summoned. Whoever summons Genesis Adventures will receive a “Genesis Loot” bag with future Lootverse perks, Airdrops and “Offers”.

Project Twitter: twitter.com/GenesisLoot

Loot Bibiotheca

Bibliotheca is a Dashboard for users to track projects in Loot Metaverse, quite similar Zapper. The community has the right to vote on which projects are supported – currently Loot, $AGLD, Genesis Projects and Realms. You can access Loot Bibliotheca to manage the NFTs of the above projects.

Project Twitter: twitter.com/lootgraph


Realms (LORD) there are 8,000 NFT Realms in all, and they are all territorial NFTs, including names; resource allocation; Marvel; other features such as adding cities, ports,… Team Realms will also build a Bridge between Ethereum and Arbitrum, so that the community can participate in Loot activities, or simply transfer Loots, Realms from Ethereum to Arbitrum.

Realms also plans in the future to build an AMM with an ERC-1155 token reward for those who provide liquidity. Team Realms and Bibilotheca teamed up to build a game Play to Earn on Arbitrum, using the resources of Lootverse in general and Realms in particular.

Project Twitter: twitter.com/LootRealms


Separate Loot items into separate items, and create images for these items. Items are simply Lootmart art, so it doesn’t mean it will show up the same way in other projects.

Project Twitter: twitter.com/lootmart_xyz

The objects inside are art by Lootmart

Loot Exchange

This is a place where you can buy, sell and exchange seeds Opensea. Loot Exchange accepts Loot, mLoot and Genesis Adventures. And also because it is only for Lootverse, the interface of Loot Exchange is quite simple.

Project Twitter: twitter.com/LootExchange

Loot Character

You can mint Loot Characters, and after minting, these Characters will stick to our Loot. Therefore, Loot Character gives you a character for each Loot, along with becoming a member of Guilds, and having access to other things in the Loot Character world. Currently Loot Character only supports Loot, mLoot is likely to be allowed to mint Character in the future.

Project Twitter: twitter.com/LootCharacter

Adventure Gold

This is the AGLD token that many of you may think is a token made by Loot. But in fact, AGLD is also a community project like the above projects. At launch, mint Loot brothers will be able to Claim AGLD for free.

Project Twitter: twitter.com/lootproject

Loot Swag

When you buy Loot, mLoot,… simply a piece of black paper with white letters, when you connect your wallet to Loot Swag, these NFTs will be rendered with characters wearing the right clothes with the items in the list. . Similar to Loot Character, this is also just Loot Swag’s own image.

Project Twitter: twitter.com/LootSwag

Loot Swag

Currently, the function of Loot Swag is just that: Connect a wallet, see what your Loot looks like. But in the future, the project will also launch many skins to coordinate, as well as cooperate with other projects, so that this image is displayed in more places.

0xinventory App

Surely the mint Loot brothers are not too unfamiliar with the Loot image, but not in white text, but in blue and red letters. That’s when we “look” for Loot under 0xinventory App – an application that helps you see the rarity of items in your Loot.

There will be rarity scores as follows:

  • Common items (Common): Occurs 375 times or more, the rarity score is 1. There are 47.25% corresponding to 30,237 items.
  • Uncommon items (Uncommon): Occurs 358 – 374 times, rarity is 2. There are 12.61% corresponding to 8,073 items.
  • Rare items (Rare): Occurs 101 – 357 times, the rarity is 3. There are 11.78% corresponding to 7,537 items.
  • Classic Item (Epic): Occurs 10 – 100 times, rarity is 4. There are 10.29% corresponding to 6,587 items.
  • Legendary Item: Occurs 2 – 9 times, rarity is 5. There are 9.67% corresponding to 6,189 items.
  • Mythic Items (Mythic): Occurs exactly once, the rarity is 6. There are 8.4% corresponding to 5,377 items.

Next is Bag rank: This score is based on the total number of rare occurrences of all items in the Loot. From there, the Loots will no longer be equal because they only contain text, but will have a ranking based on the number of points.

Project website: 0xinventory.app

0xinventory App to see the rarity of items in Loot

Divine DAO

this is a KNIFE Gathering of builders, artists, and people dedicated to Loot. To participate in the Divine DAO, you must have a Divine Key, which was initially distributed to the above members (called Delegates), but later, the Delegates also have the right to distribute a small amount of Key to those in the community. Lootverse that they feel they deserve.

Project Twitter: twitter.com/divine_dao

Loot Ecosystem Projection (Lootverse)

The main direction of Lootverse

Loot was originally just a primitive NFT platform, but its purpose was something that no one had thought of before, which was to write a platform for the community to build their own games.

And indeed, the community has moved in this direction, there have been a number of projects that have released artwork for the item listed on Loot. In addition, those are obvious projects of an ecosystem, like Marketplace, or Dashboard,…

With a strong and dedicated community, in the future, it is likely that many projects will be built on Lootverse, the most visible will be projects to create images for Loot’s items. And that’s most likely not Lending nice AMM as we often see, but will be games that connect with each other, creating a space where everything is closely linked.

With the “8-bit” graphic style, the games on Loot in my opinion will have a fairly simple gameplay, bringing us back to the games on the Console around 199x. This is also a new “retro” approach, which can stand out among the modern games, beautiful visuals and tactics in the current Play to Earn era.

Some other benchmarks and token distributions come into play?

If you are used to making money in DeFi I think Loot is a fairly new investment, because there is no previous project valuation similar to Loot. And if you think you can’t invest in tokens then buy NFT, then personally, this is also very risky, because NFT on Lootverse is also very different from the NFTs we have seen in Ethereum or Solana.

Along with the main resource is NFT, I think there will be a new metric to evaluate the development of the Loot ecosystem instead of DeFi’s Total Value Locked.

In addition, there are some projects with tokens, we may not see the trend Liquidity Mining of “nomads” who put money into farming tokens in the short term, which will be distributed through other forms such as Airdrops to owners of Loot and related items, or maybe need to experience new games tokens can be earned.


Compared to traditional ecosystems like Ethereum or Solana, the number of projects on Lootverse is still not much. But with an energetic community, will the Lootverse become a force of the future? You can comment your opinion below!

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