Loot & Rarity – Short & Simply Guide

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All start with Andre Cronje Medium here: https://andrecronje.medium.com/loot-rarity-d341faa4485c

1 – add FTM chain to your Metamask: go to https://chainlist.org/ and add FTM chain

2 – Go to the contract:


3 – Connect Web3 Wallet. You have to click 2 times

4 – Send FTM to your wallet. You can buy it on Binance or get 0.3 FTM from FTM Alert faucet:

Hit !faucet then !withdraw + your address

5 – Summon a character: go to the contract link, in the write contract, go to 8 and choose a character to summon

Write Contract tab
Enter from 1 – 9 to summon and hit Write, pay FTM gas fee
List of character

6 – Check your summoned character, go to https://ftmscan.com/ and find your character ID

Enter your Wallet

7 – Adventure to level up your character: go to the contract, go to #1 – advance, insert your character ID (Token ID), and hit write, pay FTM gas fee.

Can you can go adventure every 24 hours

8 – Check stat of your character

Method 1 – go to the contract again (see step 5), but to the “Read” tab, go to #11 – Summoner, enter your Token ID and hit “query”, all the stats are there

Method 2 – amazing people created these UI (user interface) for Loot & Rarity. Connect your wallet and enter Token ID to see the stat

https://rarity-adventures.surge.sh/ (author https://twitter.com/tansawit)

https://rarity-visualizer-ui.vercel.app/ (author https://twitter.com/txxnano)


https://www.raritymanifested.com/ (author https://twitter.com/YieldBouncer)

To be continued

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