Macbook Air M2 drops in price at a super fast rate even though it’s been released for less than a year

Macbook Air M2 drops in price at a super fast rate even though it’s been released for less than a year

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2023-02-23 10:09:39

The Macbook Air M2 is now at a very low level compared to when it was opened for sale even though it was released less than a year ago.

Macbook Air M2 launched in July 2022 with a major improvement in appearance while a slight upgrade in performance. When it was first launched and returned to Vietnam, the Macbook Air M2 was set at a price of nearly 33 million VND by dealers. However, the price of Macbook Air M2 dropped very quickly after that.

Currently in February 2023, users can buy Macbook Air M2 for only 26,390,000 VND for the 8GB / 256GB (base) version, equivalent to a reduction of 6 million VND. However, the most reduced version can be up to 7.5 million VND.

  • Macbook Air M2 – 8GB/256GB: VND 26,390,000 (6 million VND off)
  • Macbook Air M2 – 8GB/512GB: VND 32,490,000 (down VND 7.5 million)
  • Macbook Air M2 – 16GB/256GB: VND 34,490,000 (down VND 4.5 million)
  • Macbook Air M2 – 16GB/512GB: VND 37,490,000 (down VND 7 million)

It is worth mentioning that this discount of the Macbook Air M2 is significantly faster than the Macbook Air M1. It took more than a year for the Macbook Air M1 to drop to as low as the current Macbook Air M2. Meanwhile, the new Macbook Air M2 less than 9 months old has dropped sharply and may decrease further in the near future.

The reason for this situation may lie in the fact that the Macbook Air M2 has been cut off the NAND chip with internal memory. This greatly reduces the machine’s data read and write speed. Meanwhile, the Macbook Air M1 still has two NAND chips and was reduced to less than 20 million VND, causing many users to choose to turn their car down to the M1 version despite being inferior in performance and old design.

Currently, the Macbook Air M1 and M2 are both thin and light laptops with relatively good battery life for the needs of ordinary users who do not work too much on technology. Therefore, in the near future, both M1 and M2 are expected to be the best sellers, especially considering their very low selling prices today.

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