macOS 12 Monterey officially released

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2021-10-28 07:12:12

(CHK) After a short time of launching the new MacBook Pro line, early this morning, Apple released iOS 15.1 for iPhone and iPad devices, and at the same time launched the official version of the macOS operating system. Monterey (12.0.1) and here are some notes for readers who are wondering about upgrading.

1. Supported models

Here is a list of supported device models to upgrade to macOS 12 Monterey:

  • MacBook early 2016 or newer
  • MacBook Air Early 2015 or later
  • MacBook Pro Early 2015 or later
  • Mac Pro late 2013 or later
  • Mac Mini late 2014 or later
  • iMac late 2015 or newer
  • iMac Pro 2017 or later

2. Shared experience

Here are a couple of lines shared by a reviewer who is passionate about technology when updating to the latest version of Apple’s macOS operating system, please take a look:

“As of now, I can say with more certainty that my device works better after upgrading to macOS 12 Monterey from Big Sur and still haven’t encountered any errors.

That is the experience on the MacBook Pro 13 “2018 with mid-range configuration. Then, I tried it on a MacBook Air mid 2015 (max option), the performance dropped quite clearly right after the upgrade. up from macOS Catalina.

However, the machine has also tried to install Big Sur before and had a similar “performance crisis”. Therefore, if your model is very old (but still on the supported list) and is using macOS Catalina, Mojave or High Sierra versions, think seriously whether it is worth upgrading to macOS 12. Monterey or not.

And almost forgot, if you use software that uses “medicine” to run, be careful before upgrading. It’s best to “medicate” in the old version and then upgrade to it, but I haven’t tried it (I don’t use any apps that need it) so I’m not sure if it’s okay or not.”

3. Update


To update through the automatic installer, open System Preferences > Software Update, then search for, download, and install the macOS 12 Monterey update here. Or if you want to create a manual installer / upgrade via the installer, you can download it through the address below:


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