Make a profit during market downturns

Make a profit during market downturns


2021-03-27 08:41:01

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“… Limit lines for trading based on technical analysis indicators. No surfing transactions ”- KKcoin user, Sam

We had a chance to interview users KKcoin loyal, “Sam”, who developed his own trading strategy after experiencing bull and bear market bouts over the years. Sam is not surprised by the recent fluctuations in the market. According to him, losses can be limited by knowing how to allocate your investment. The usual investment rule is 80-20, which means that only 20% of the participants are profitable in the market, especially under the current circumstances.

The cryptocurrency market has been falling in price for a long time in 2018. As a loyal user of KKcoinSam trades using the Perpetual Contract platform. He shared more about his investment experience: “The volatility of cryptocurrencies is much stronger than foreign exchange making it easier to trade. Foreign exchange is very volatile; I had to follow up many series of commercial simulations to come up with a suitable set of strategies. In the crypto market, I trade solely on technical indicators and do not surf. The main difference between cryptocurrencies and forex is that the forex market is shaped by volatility rather than the rise and fall of the market.

The development of the cryptocurrency market so far has been somewhat similar to the traditional stock market. For example, since 1969, Warren Buffett has experienced at least four market downturns that will allow him to succeed in his life and be less affected by short-term market fluctuations. Sam learned from Warren how to disperse risk and apply it to the appropriate implementation of his investment allocation on the KKcoin floor, thereby making investment strategies disciplined. He believes that opportunities exist even in a declining market. “In the crypto market, I look at moving averages, Bollinger, MACD and use margin positions to capture trends. The real profit is not as important as the rate of loss. ”

“The trend of turning cryptocurrencies is strong and easy to trade. Currently, countries are adjusting their foreign currencies strongly and cryptocurrencies have legal advantages. ” Sam has adopted a long-term strategy involving trading in a market that is trending down.

First, the key to success is choosing the right goals. Although there was no shortage of good projects, Sam decided to choose popular currencies, focusing on the liquidity and volatility of tokens. Based on a long-term view, the price of ETH was ~ 124 USD at the time of interview on the current falling market, still significantly higher than ~ 12 USD after falling 2 years ago in July 2016. Imagine the possibility in a bull market!

So how can investors make a profit under the current market conditions? When this question was asked, Sam checked his parameters and said: “There are no guaranteed returns. In fact, follow the market trends and as long as you make more money than you lose, you’ll be profitable at the end of the day. ” Through KKcoin Perpetual Contracts, investors can accumulate orders even in bad markets. Instead of listening to risk mitigation advice, looking at the change on the screen, Sam believes it is better to gauge the long-term potential of a cryptocurrency based on actual market trends.

Even experienced investors will be under pressure for profit in recent months with a long-term strategy where red candles are overwhelming green ones. KKcoin’s perpetual contracts allow long-term and short-term margin trading, helping all users gain experience with very little initial cost to capture market opportunities.

Sam suggests keeping only a few short-term orders in the current market because very few people survive long-term trades.

What do you think after seeing the results of Sam’s portfolio? Profits have little to do with bull and bear markets, and instead the investment strategy determines the outcome. “Catch the trend of using small orders instead of trying to get rich quick overnight,” concludes Sam. We believe that is correct. After all, investing and gambling are two different concepts. For investors, we try to appreciate the assets we hold, relying on knowledge acquired over a period of time, rather than aiming to get rich overnight.

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