Make money ‘at home’ without capital but a ‘foggy’ profit of 120 million dong, after Tet must try it right away

Make money ‘at home’ without capital but a ‘foggy’ profit of 120 million dong, after Tet must try it right away


2023-01-23 20:22:41

George Blackman (25 years old) is working as a scriptwriter for Youtube videos. At first, he didn’t think his job could make that much money.

Currently, many people have joined content creation communities through Twitter or LinkedIn. These two applications are especially ideal environments for those who want to make money scripting.

In the summer of 2021, the famous YouTuber with 3.7 million followers Ali Abdaal expanded the content creation support team and recruited several positions. At that time, George Blackman needed to find a job and applied to several places. However, he really wanted to do work related to writing scripts.

George has never worked for YouTube and related work. His closest experience is writing comedy scripts for a friend. However, that is also a plus point in his profile.

“When I applied to work with Abdaal, this writing experience helped a lot. Many candidates love and look forward to working with Abdaal. But that’s not the criteria this team is looking for. They want someone who isn’t afraid to comment and point out what’s a bad idea and give constructive feedback,” George said.

When in charge of video script writing, his starting salary was 34,000 pounds a year (more than 984 million dong), at today’s exchange rate it is more than 961 million dong.

When separated to freelance, George earns more money

George has been a freelance writer for Youtube videos since 2022. The main benefit of scriptwriting is that when a video is published, he can see the response from the public, learn from it, and repeat the process. .

“I’ve been working for Abdaal for almost a year and it’s been a great stepping stone to start my writing career. I have had long term customer relationships. But because his business is expanding and he is looking for a new direction, some of the video scripts I write have not been filmed. So I chose to leave,” George said.

Make money 'at home' without capital but a 'foggy' profit of 120 million dong, after Tet must try it right away - Photo 2.

Blackman and Ali Abdaal in Abdaal’s old studio

Immediately after separating, George described his experience on his personal Twitter page. He gradually got many people to hire to write scripts. George increased the fee from 350 USD (over 8 million VND) for a script to about 1,500 USD (over 35 million VND). George’s monthly income is now about 5,000 USD (nearly 120 million VND/month) even though he only works a few hours a day.

If you hire George, YouTubers or video producers can completely save 2-3 days of thinking and writing content. The amount spent is very reasonable.

YouTubers should script everything

“In most cases, if you sit in front of the camera without a script, you end up with rambling and pointless content. If you really want to make a good video, every sentence you say needs to have a reason and meaning,” said George.

A good script needs to be created from the YouTuber’s own ideas and thoughts and written in their style. So, before writing, George will always ask his clients, “What are the must-haves in this script?”. Then, George will sketch out the layout and give it to the client to browse.

One tip to improve and improve performance is that he often asks his clients to send him a graph of their video metrics: how long the audience will typically watch the video or where they click the most. From there, assess customer insight and write scripts in that direction.

Making money 'at home' does not need capital but a 'foggy' profit of 120 million VND, after Tet must try it right away - Photo 3.

In order for the video to go viral, people should include trending elements in the beginning and end of the script to attract viewers from the first seconds. “You should also use phrases like: the big moment of the video is coming to spark curiosity,” he says.

Most importantly, the first few seconds should not be boring. If you have to provide background or background information, do it quickly.

But it doesn’t stop there, to increase interaction as well as make the script content known to many people, it is not only a good idea, an eye-catching start, but also a little trick. It is “Youtube SEO”.

Updating multiple videos on a continuous basis is an effective way to do this, but one factor that has a more direct and better effect on how much money YouTubers actually earn is link clicks.

Therefore, to dominate and get higher when users search compared to other videos with the same topic, you should take advantage of SEO to optimize the number of people that the video can reach every time someone searches. related keywords.

However, because this method is very easy to cheat, the regulations on violations will be tightened and censored continuously. Even your account can be permanently blocked if it is detected that there is a hidden ‘seeding’ taking place.

SEO is a popular, easy-to-follow method to attract views in a “free” way. But to do this, screenwriters need to carefully study audience insights and apply them consistently.

Besides, Youtube is also a platform to “earn” money in many different ways. Recently, YouTube’s policy has also changed to be stricter to create a safe and “fair play” playing field for content creators on YouTube.

Not only creative behind the screen, screenwriters can set up their own channel to increase the amount of income as much as possible. Currently, youtubers can absolutely earn many sources of income, thanks to: direct advertising on the channel, affiliate marketing or making money on YouTube Partner.

Above are tips for a scriptwriter to attract customers and have content trending. After Tet, this will probably be a “delicious” start-up job.


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