Make money with CHK December

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2022-12-03 07:07:46

Long-term opportunities from CHK

The CHK ecosystem has released a lot of DeFi products that bring many benefits to users. Saros on the Solana network and Baryon on the BNB Chain network are two of the main products built by the team with great enthusiasm, they have many similar features such as swap (AMM), farm (pool), staking (staking). ) and even the pad (launchpad).

These platforms not only do their job well, but also “take on” more features to optimize profits for users. To optimize profits, let’s find out with CHK Insights immediately the opportunities coming from the two platforms as follows.

Stake/Farm pool on Saros

Currently, Saros is running a total of 3 farming pools and 18 different staking pools to help users optimize profits from SPL tokens on Saros.

With Farming can be mentioned as:

  • SNTR – C98
  • HDG – USDC

In addition, staking on Saros can bring a lot of profit potential up to 1,400% APR for users. There are 15 staking pools all on the Solana system, if you are looking for a platform that brings high profits, click now here.

Each pool on Saros, users will be supported with all detailed indicators, thereby easily calculating profits and making a reasonable strategy for farming or staking.

Other opportunities

  • In addition to the above features, users on Saros can also bring back more rewards from short-term events (giveaways, minigames …) Twitter Saros.
  • At Saros, partnership events happen every day with epic staking pools, with APRs up to hundreds of percent like DFL & AURY. To participate, please visit the following link:
stake pool dfl aury

Stake/Farm pool on Baryon

Baryon owns 2 farming pools and 12 active staking pools, contributing to diversifying options for users when experiencing products.

With Farming can be mentioned as:

  • AURA – BUSD: 113% APR
  • BUSD – CUSD: 22% APR

With Staking can include:

  • C98: 50% APR
  • OGS: 62% APR
  • AURA: 25% APR

In the above two platforms, trading campaigns will always go hand in hand with the farming pool. If you already have a position on the leaderboard, you can consider optimizing profits through farming pools.

Other opportunities

  • In addition to the above features, users on Baryon can also bring in more rewards from short-term events (giveaways, minigames …) Twitter Baryon.
  • During the 2022 World Cup season, Baryon also actively organizes many minigames to predict scores with prizes from 100 C98 for users. Expect many other small events this year, please look forward to it.
baryon minigames

Featured campaign in December

CHK Pick Your Star – Total Bonus 50,000 C98

In tune with the exciting atmosphere of the 2022 World Cup season, CHK simultaneously brings events with many valuable rewards. The total prize is up to 50,000 C98, let’s become the owner of the above tokens now!

pick the star toilet

Information & Events

Time: 20:00 November 18, 2022 to 23:59 December 18, 2022 (GMT+7)

Total activities: there will be 3 activities divided into separate areas and each area will have different features and tasks, areas include Pick the star, Evolve, X-Race.

Total prize: 50,000 C98. There will be 3 main prizes:

  • 1st Prize | The Champion – 35,000 C98: Players who own the logo of the World Cup Champion team will join this bonus pool. The amount of bonus received will be based on the proportion of logos held.
  • 2nd Prize | The Flash – 8,000 C98: 1,000 players with any 8 team logos can be used to exchange 8 C98. Prizes are non-exchangeable once 1,000 people have been reached. Each REF ID can only be redeemed up to 3 times.
  • 3rd Prize | X-Race – 5,000 C98: 5 players using the most X points during the event will have a chance to receive 5,000 C98. Prizes will be awarded in the following order:
    • Top 1: 2,500 C98
    • Top 2: 1,000 C98
    • Top 3: 750 C98
    • Top 4: 500 C98
    • Top 5: 250 C98

Note: Each wallet can only connect to one Ref ID during the event. Other cases

For details on how to participate in the event, please refer to: CHK Pick Your Star Event

Flow To Earn

Flow To Earn is an activity to encourage users to collect as many X points through exploring CHK Super App features and completing tasks.

If you are in need of accumulating X points, upgrading the level of ownership of X points and more, Flow To Earn is the perfect choice.

Information & Events: Users only need to do 7 tasks on the app to immediately receive 500 X points. In addition, X can be accumulated and exchanged for C98 tokens in separate packages, minimum 10,000 X, read more here.

For details on how to participate in the event, please refer to: Flow To Earn Event

flow to earn

Some tips and notes when participating in the event

Read the directions carefully before use:

  • Trading campaigns will have similar rules, but there are also a few differences. For example about trading pairs and minimum trading volume.
  • In addition, you need to register a participating wallet on the Snapshot feature before starting the transaction to prevent forgetting, the transaction volume will not be counted.
earn 12 tips

Use the right product to trade: Trading volume in trading events will only be calculated when using the right product:

  • For the computer version is: Page Baryon Network and page Saros Finance.
  • For the mobile version is: Baryon dApp and Saros dApp on DApp Broswers of CHK Super App.


  • Many traders often choose to participate in the last day of the event, leading to the ranking of that time will be volatile. For users who are leading in the leaderboard, in order to prevent the possibility of losing their position, prepare yourself with the best solutions such as (balance of X points, tokens as fees, participation on 1 wallet,…).
  • Activities to invite friends, please attach the invite link in the tutorial in the community: Leveraging the power of the community is essential when participating in new activities with friends. This is also a way to confirm the spread and influence in individual products.


The Campaign Treasure Hunt series is released every month and is updated daily even after the article is published, so the above events are available at all times.

Profit opportunities and rewards from CHK are always expanding, especially for the community of CHK Insights. In every ‘gem hunt’, there are always many strategies and cost optimization, good capital management is essential.

In addition, if you have your own “secrets” and are willing to share them, do not hesitate to share them in the comments below the article for us to discuss. See you in the next series!

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