Manchester United accused of copying work by NFT artist DesLucrece

Manchester United accused of copying work by NFT artist DesLucrece


2023-01-03 23:25:45

An NFT collection from Manchester United has been accused of being too similar to the work of renowned NFT artist DesLucrece. DesLucrece says he, Tezos and Manchester United are in talks to settle the matter subject.

Manchester United have dropped 7,777 NFT for the “The Devils” collection starting December 21.

An official Manchester United Football Club NFT collection has allegedly looked a bit like the work of a popular NFT artist known for his colorful cartoon monsters.

One Twitter user has criticized Manchester United for the similarities between their “The Devils” collection and the work of DesLucrece, the pseudonym of an NFT artist known for the Des Monsters collection which currently has a floor price of Rs. 17.5 ETH, or 20,825 USD, on OpenSea. When placed side by side, the almost identical characters share the same color tones, eyes, and horns.

“We need answers,” the user wrote. “This is the total amount of garbage.”

Both collections are made on the Tezos blockchain.


Manchester United first partnered with the Tezos Foundation earlier this year and released “The Devils” starting December 21. The 7,777 NFT collection, each priced at around $36, has since gone on sale. over.

DesLucrece, Manchester United, Tezos co-founder Arthur Breitman and Trilitech, the platform behind Manchester United’s NFT collection, did not immediately respond to requests for comment from The Block.

DesLucrece said on Twitter that he and Breitman were discussing a solution and was awaiting comment from Manchester United.

“I think the solution here will benefit all involved,” he wrote, noting that he wants to protect art and artists on the Tezos platform. “Dinner with Ronaldo is not the table.”

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