Manipulated or managed to correct spelling?  Up to 90% of users get it wrong

Manipulated or managed to correct spelling? Up to 90% of users get it wrong


2021-03-23 00:30:53

Manipulated or managed, managed or managed? This is the question of many people when they wonder how to spell correctly. Please read the article below for the correct answer, avoid misspellings.

What is turn around?

  • Rotate: It means rotating, spinning, rotating back and forth.
  • Xở: Meaning unraveling, disassembling, unraveling.

The word turn around is a verb to refer to an action that goes back and forth, doing one after another to find ways to troubleshoot and solve a certain difficult problem.

For example: Managing money; manage to solve problems at work …

  • Some examples of maneuvering in Vietnamese
  • Students manage to solve difficult problems.
  • Many parents manage to pay tuition fees for their children when they are unemployed due to the effects of the Covid-19 epidemic.
  • The second sister is a smart person, so she can afford to spend in the house.

What is turnaround?

The word turn is a word that has no meaning, does not appear in the Vietnamese dictionary.

Compose and manipulate are also misspelled words.

Thus: The answer is to manage the correct spelling.

According to statistical data from Google, in 2020, up to 90% of searches returned are related to management, while the number of searches related to the keyword “manage” only accounts for about 10%.

This shows that, a lot of users often use the wrong way of managing and managing. The cause of this problem is incorrect pronunciation.

In addition to manage or manage, some other pairs of words have many wrong words such as “thank you or thank you”, “bright or bright”, “for or for, to win or save” .. .


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