‘Many employees leaving is not necessarily a bad omen’

‘Many employees leaving is not necessarily a bad omen’


2022-05-04 01:54:33

Earlier this month, at least four members of the Meta AI department submitted their resignations, including experts who helped Facebook and Instagram create many breakthroughs.

Meta’s London office has ‘collapsed’ as most of its top researchers have left in the past 6 weeks.”, said Karl Hermann, entrepreneur in the field of AI.

This happens in the context that more and more employees no longer believe in the leadership talent of Mark Zuckerberg as well as a Meta, although converting to the metaverse for a long time, but so far there have not been many achievements.

People don’t really know what to do because the company doesn’t have a coherent strategy yet“, the BI newspaper interviewed an employee said.”Basically, this will create internal disorganization and anxiety“.

The boss of Facebook has admitted that more and more employees leaving the company is not necessarily a bad thing

However, contrary to what many people think that Mark Zuckerberg will surely have a “headache” to solve the human resource problem, recently, the Facebook boss has admitted that more and more employees leaving the company are not necessarily finished. is a bad thing.

I don’t think the departure of employees indicates a less-than-stable future for Meta. This is something we always have to face and must go through in order to find the most deserving people“, Mark Zuckerberg shared during the announcement of the first quarter of 2022 business results of Meta.

In addition, according to the head of Meta, the dismissal of employees helps the company identify the right employees, especially when Meta is in the process of transitioning to a completely new field: the virtual universe.

During the pandemic, many people are reluctant to take on new jobs. They don’t care what Meta is doing“, said Zuckerberg.Meta wants to orient itself to become a social interaction and metaverse company, so the personnel working here also need to have the same goal.“.

Meta currently has about 78,000 employees globally, up 28% from last year. The company is planning to add thousands of new employees in the near future through a number of recruitment channels.

The number of Meta employees may decrease a bit for a while, but I think we are still fine“, added Zuckerberg.

Mark Zuckerberg: 'Many employees leaving is not necessarily a bad omen' - Photo 2.

Meta’s Q1/2022 revenue is still up 7% year-over-year

The proof is that recently, Meta’s first quarter revenue of 2022 still increased by 7% compared to the same period last year. The stock price in yesterday’s trading session also climbed to a record 20% after a long period of ups and downs. Investors were probably satisfied with the 7% figure. Although lower than forecast and not really achieved as expected, this result still shows positive growth.

We have received positive reports this quarter and are confident of future long-term opportunities“, said CEO Mark Zuckerberg.

In addition, according to CNN, Meta will also cut some costs in the coming time and boost investment in artificial intelligence to improve business operations. Total estimated costs for this year will therefore fall from $90-95 billion to just $87-92 billion. This is a sign that this corporation is trying to increase profits and promote its long-term goal of building a metaverse virtual universe.

Building on growth in 2021, we have launched long-term plans to accelerate investment. However, with the current situation, we will have to cut some expenses,” said Zuckerberg.

According to: CNN, BI

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