Many stores ‘great discount’ iPhone 11, as cheap as ‘discharge’ to attract Vietnamese customers to close orders, with models sold out

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2022-08-18 02:48:40

Apple will officially launch iPhone 14 in less than 2 months. As usual, Apple is said to stop selling the latest 3-year-old iPhone model and that is iPhone 11. Perhaps that’s why right now – mid-August 2022, Apple dealers Globally and also in Vietnam, prices have been reduced sharply for iPhone 11.

As a result, the iPhone 11 is now as cheap as a mid-range phone, making it difficult for newly launched high-end smartphones like the Galaxy S21 FE, or the Galaxy A53, Galaxy A73 and OPPO Reno8. Many iPhone 11 models are still out of stock like the 256GB iPhone 11.

Selling price of iPhone 11

According to a survey at many major retail systems, the official selling price of the iPhone 11 64G VNA version is the lowest recorded at just… 10,790,000 VND. This is the deepest drop ever. More broadly, the iPhone 11 is even more discounted than the iPhone XR at this time last year.

iPhone 11 is currently being heavily discounted

Meanwhile, the 128GB iPhone 11 also slipped away from the 12 million dong mark when listed at the lowest level from 11,86 million VND while the 256GB and 512 versions have now disappeared from dealer shelves due to the high price and not many people need such a large capacity.

This “unbelievably low” selling price plus the configuration and performance are still very stable in 2022, making the iPhone 11 much more attractive than the new Galaxy S21 FE rival launched a few months ago. priced from 11,990,000 VND for the lowest version.

iPhone 11 configuration is still good in 2022 and the next 2-3 years

iPhone 11 configuration

The most popular point in iPhone 11 is that it is currently the cheapest genuine iPhone that users can access to high-end features of the new generation iPhone such as FaceID face unlock, dual camera with wide-angle lens, shooting market leading beautiful font removal photos…v…v.

iPhone 11 uses A13 Bionics chip

Besides, in terms of performance, iPhone 11 is still very stable and powerful as of July 2022. It uses the A13 Bionic (7nm+) chip, which is able to smoothly handle all common tasks and is extremely stable and cool when playing high-graphics games. Apple even uses the A13 Bionic chip for the latest Gen 9 iPad.

iPhone 11 perfectly loads heavy graphics games like PUBG

iPhone 11 has an impressive buffalo battery

If you care about the battery, the iPhone 11 has 2 more hours of use compared to the iPhone XR. In some recent tests, iPhone 11 can still work with a bright screen continuously and heavy tasks for nearly 7 hours. For a full-day user, the iPhone 11 is quite enough.

Both cameras of the iPhone 11 have a resolution of 12MP

iPhone 11 . Camera

As for the camera, the iPhone 11 also features a dual camera with 12MP resolution. In addition to that main camera, an ultra-wide-angle lens and an additional upgrade of night photography.

iPhone 11 main camera

iPhone 11 ultra-wide cry camera

Night shot by iPhone 11

iPhone 11 font removal portrait photo

Combined with a unique image adjustment algorithm, iPhone 11 offers superior image quality and is not inferior to the latest iPhone 13 in basic shooting contexts such as landscape, wide angle, night shot or foot shot. dung.

Should I buy an iPhone 11?

With the price of iPhone 11 dropping below 10 million, should you buy it?

Should buy iPhone 11 if

You are looking for a smartphone with the criteria of smooth machine, beautiful screen, beautiful photography and buffalo battery, iPhone 11 is currently the most attractive option on the market today in terms of price. It is really a tough competitor to Samsung’s Galaxy S21 FE and many competitors in the same price range.

In addition, iPhone 12 or iPhone 13 will hardly be as deeply reduced as iPhone 11 in the near future. Because the iPhone 11 is the last high-end iPhone with an LCD screen. From iPhone 12 and above, OLED screen technology has been widely used. Therefore, it is difficult to buy a high-end iPhone as cheap as the iPhone 11.

iPhone 11 is still worth buying in 2022.

Should not buy iPhone 11 if

In case you want a 5G connection, the iPhone 11 does not have this connection at all and it will be a hindrance if you plan to use it in the next 2-3 years when 5G technology becomes more widely available.

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