Marvel Comics “troll” Robert Downey Jr.  Not handsome enough to play the role of Iron Man, 10 years later, RDJ wanted to answer

Marvel Comics “troll” Robert Downey Jr. Not handsome enough to play the role of Iron Man, 10 years later, RDJ wanted to answer


2021-03-28 01:50:09

So far, it is difficult to imagine anyone else capable of taking on the role of Tony Stark / Iron Man of the MCU better than Robert Downey Jr. Although he officially “quit the game” after Avengers: Endgame ended, but his influence on this movie universe is still extremely large. There has been a lot of information that Marvel Studios still wants to reunite with the actor in future projects, but so far all are just at the level of rumors, and there has not been any official announcement. given both.

It is hard to imagine the MCU’s Iron Man role played by anyone else in place of Robert Downey Jr.

Robert was “scored” for the role of Iron Man in 2006, although at the time Marvel Studios was a bit worried about his personal problems in the past. Director Jon Favreau, who “held” the first two films of Iron Man, tried to protect Robert to the end so that he could continue to stick with this project. It turned out that it was a very wise decision of Favreau, because Robert not only brought the image of a unique and impressive Tony Stark, but also opened an era of success for the MCU in particular and Marvel. Generally speaking.

However, just a few weeks after Iron Man 1 premiered, Marvel immediately trolled the actor with a humorous detail in the book She-Hulk # 27 by Peter David, Val Semeiks, Dave Meikis, Rob Ro. , and Dave Sharpe. Immediately after Iron Man left the trial related to the Jen Walters murder case, he was warmly welcomed by many fans, even asking for an autograph. One of them bluntly remarked: “He is much more handsome than Robert Downey Junior“. In response, the Ironman calmly: “Everyone said that“.

Marvel Comics

Just a few months into the role of Tony Stark, Robert Downey Jr. has been criticized by Marvel for not being handsome enough to be Iron Man.

By the time this chapter was released, Iron Man began to make a lot of noise in the movie world, especially when rival DC was too successful with Christopher Nolan’s Batman trilogy. This detail makes the audience wonder if Marvel is dissatisfied with casting the role of Tony Stark or not? And did they not really like the Robert Downey Jr. performance. or not?

But after all, it was just a harmless joke that Marvel had for one of their biggest stars. Because of what happened after that, as we all know, Robert became a key member of the Marvel Studios roster, constantly appearing in many of their movie projects and bringing many unexpected successes. . In 2018, the actor even posted the main picture in the comic chapter above on his personal Facebook, with a quirky caption: “What is it?“.

Marvel Comics

Robert Downey Jr. wait 10 years to respond to Marvel’s teasing.

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