Math solver app on phone, math solver app for iPhone, Android

Math solver app on phone, math solver app for iPhone, Android

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2021-07-21 18:54:18

Besides entertainment applications, games, the field of learning is also focused by manufacturers. There are many applications for learning, including math solutions. These math solving apps on Android and iOS phones will help you get the fastest math results, with detailed solutions to compare whether you’ve done it right, as well as new ways to solve problems.

Take a quick look at the 4 best math solving apps on your phone

1. PhotoMath . Math Solving App

PhotoMath is currently a highly appreciated math problem solving application from users. The application is available on all 3 mobile platforms, solving arithmetic, decimal, line equations and trigonometric problems, making it convenient and easy for students to learn math on their phones. easier.

Solve math problems on PhotoMath

To solve math on PhotoMath, we just need to put the camera on the problem we want to solve. Right after that, the application will give the correct result right at the top along with a detailed solution for that problem.

Currently, the new version of PhotoMath can solve handwritten problems, in addition to those on typed paper. However, users should note, in order for PhotoMath to be able to identify the problem, it is necessary to write the calculation on a bright, clear, easy-to-see paper surface.

Math resultsRecognition of handwriting problemsDetails of the math problem

2. Maths Solver . application

Maths Solver is an application developed and researched by Vietnamese people. Therefore, the interface as well as the solutions are also close to domestic students, making it more convenient to solve math problems.

The application helps learners to solve problems from basic, to advanced, with simple calculations, or solve systems of equations, integrals, inequalities or graphs. The application supports 2 languages, English and Vietnamese for you to choose from. The interface is clearly designed, with different Math themes.

Select language Maths SolverMaths Solver interface

Maths Solver owns the speed of solving problems and gives accurate results quite quickly, along with detailed solutions for each problem. In addition, the application also integrates the ability to solve chemical equations.

Maths Solver problemsSolutions to problems on Maths Solver

3. GotIt Math Solver!

GotIt! directing users to learn Math in a different way, which is to interact with Math teachers and experts to help users solve exercises and answer more in-depth questions.

GotIt app to solve mathGotIt . Paid Version

Learners will work online on GotIt! in the form of a message, send a picture of the problem you want to solve in print, or clearly handwritten. Immediately, GotIt’s system! will connect with teachers, or experts of GotIt!.

GotIt’s math range! very broad, not limited to pre-programmed knowledge, but solve math according to diverse requirements from learners. In particular, when solving additional questions in addition to the exercise taken previously from the user, it also shows the professionalism and high interactivity of GotIt! with learners.

Enter the problem to be solved on GotIt!Consult questions on GotIt!

4. App to solve Math, Physics, Chemistry… Dicamon

Dicamon is an application developed by Vietnamese people. The advantage of this application is that it can solve all the problems in textbooks from grade 6 to grade 12 and study for university exams. Dicamon’s solving speed is very fast, only about 3 seconds.

Not only that, Dicamon can also solve many different subjects such as Math, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, English, History, and Geography.

Developer Dicamon also developed a community for users to ask and answer exercises. Students can join the community to exchange experiences, ask brothers and sisters to go first…

Above are the math problem solving applications on the phone that are highly appreciated by users. The above applications all provide detailed problem solving instructions, helping you to understand the solution and apply it to other problems. In addition, some applications also support solving more chemical equations such as Maths Solver or GotIt!.

If you only need an application to solve exercises for classroom learning, you can refer to the VnDoc problem-solving application, which supports many subjects, with detailed solutions from grade 1 to grade 12.

Hope this article was helpful to you!


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