Meet the woman behind Siri’s voice

Meet the woman behind Siri’s voice


2021-06-22 01:01:09

Susan Bennett is the woman behind the original iPhone’s Siri voice.

She was born in Virginia but now lives in Atlanta. Although Apple has never made the identity of Siri’s voice public, experts who have worked with and legally represented her have confirmed that Ms. Bennett herself is Siri.

Besides, an audio expert with 30 years of experience studied both voices and declared them to be 100% matched.

“It came to me by accident. I have been playing the piano since I was 4 years old and have been playing for many years. In the end, I became a professional musician, a singer and a keyboard player.” – Ms. Bennett shared.

Like most artists, she participates in many commercial dubbing activities and backing vocals.

The story of how Bennett became the iconic voice of Siri begins in 2005. ScanSoft, a software company, was looking for a voiceover for a new project, so they contacted a voice recording company. says GM Voices, where Ms. Bennett has worked with for many years. Then GM Voices suggested Mrs. Bennett. In June 2005, she signed a contract with ScanSoft.

However, she never knew exactly how the voice would be used. She just guessed it could be used in the company’s phone system, but didn’t think much of it.

The surprise happened in October 2011, after Apple released the iPhone 4s, the first phone with Siri. Mrs. Bennett herself doesn’t have a phone, but those who know her voice do.

Siri was first released by Apple on October 4, 2011 on the iPhone 4s with the voice of Susan Bennett.

“A colleague emailed me about Siri and asked ‘Is this you?'” – Ms. Bennett shared.

She sat in front of her computer, visited Apple’s website and listened to video clips announcing Siri. The voice was unmistakable for anyone else.

“Obviously me. That’s my voice,” she exclaimed.

Mrs. Bennett’s voice has disappeared since the release of iOS 7. When talking about this, she pretended not to be disappointed and shared that anything is possible, especially when the technology era is developing more and more, there are more and more robots.


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